Should I pursue this complaint against Lowe's?

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Sep 27, 2017
My wife and I ordered a front door (with installation) from Lowe's in mid-February. Today (March 5) was to be the install date. This morning I waited two hours for the Lowe's-affiliated contractors to show. With installers no-shows after waiting for two hours, I texted them. Come to find out, Lowe's pulled the wrong door (size issue) from their inventory; mine will have to be a special order, custom-sized door, adding at least a month's time to the new install date. The contractor told me Lowe's should have contacted me this morning about the issue, which it hadn't. (NOTE: The door was professionally measured by the contractor three weeks ago. Lowe's just didn't match their specs with the door that we chose, which the saleslady at Lowe's assured would fit).

I really want to complain to the Lowe's chain of command about this. For three weeks, the wrong-sized door has been sitting in Lowe's inventory awaiting install, when those three weeks could have been better spent waiting for the right-sized door to be customized.

However, I am hesitant to complain to Lowe's for the following reasons:

1/ I am disabled and do not work. Although it was a pain to wait over two hours for a no-show, it's not like I had to take a day off and lost income or lost a personal day.
2/ The saleslady, when I spoke to her today, owned up to her mistake and apologized. In addition, we have dealt with her for about a month now, through the buying process, and she has been nothing but kind. She's a lady that loves her job, and -- quite frankly -- one of the better customer-oriented workers there. You can just tell by observing her versus some of the other store associates.
3/ The most likely remedy would be a partial refund, gift card, etc. We very rarely do home improvements, so a gift card would be for naught. We paid with a Lowe's credit card, which has since been paid off. A partial refund would only sit on that card ad infinitum as a credit.

Still, I am irked by the fact that no one called me to let me know of the goof, and that everyone was just going to leave me hanging until I called. Don't get me wrong, I am upset. I'm not afraid to advocate if I feel the need. (Honestly, I scored $100 off Cox Communications just last week after an issue with them that left me miffed.)

FYI, Lowe's contractors are coming to our house in a few days to replace some fencing for us. Different department entirely, and I've been on the phone with several of the reps involved with the fence to be sure Lowe's doesn't muck up this job, too.

So, what do I do? Should I lodge a complaint, knowing that a remedy probably won't be of much use to me, and by complaining I could get one of the store's (apparently) better, friendlier employees in hot water? Should I let it slide? And if you were in my shoes, what type of remedy would you ask for?
Jan 6, 2015
Whenever I consider lodging a complaint, I am mindful of several things:
  • How important is this issue? You have stated that it's a front door, so I assume that you existing door works. And you state that you do not work, so it seems there is no urgency here.
  • Who will be impacted by my complaint? You are right in assuming that this will negatively afect the person with whom you have been dealing and stated that you like.
  • What do I want them to do? Since you paid with a Lowe's card, you can't really ask for cash and cannot use a store credit.
  • Lowe's is scheduled to do fencing work in few days. If any of that was paid for with cash or a bank's credit card, you could "trade" off on that.
If you decide to complain, I would make it clear to them that you do not wish this person to be disciplined in any way. State that "she" has been very helpful and that you recognize that this was an honest mistake. And then state your desired resolution (discount on the fencing).

A tough call though. If it were me, I think I would let it ride since the impact to me is one of timing only ...


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
What a dilemma ... and if you're in California it's the norm. When craftsmen show up on time we are all in shock. When they come back to finish the job, we swoon. To me, the magic sentence in your post is "she owned up to her mistake and apologized". That would make me, while not thrilled, at least content. You have a great attitude and write very well, so I would compose a concise, polite note, outlining the situation and emphasizing the good CS you've received. Ask them for a 20% discount off the price of your door. While I understand that you don't believe you'd use a credit in the future, there have to be items in the store that you might wish to buy some day. Or you can always gift it to someone. Telling Lowe's that you probably won't shop there again will probably result in a negative response. And a cash refund seems to be excruciatingly difficult to produce.

Carol Phillips

Staff Member
Dec 28, 2014
Coastal South Carolina
Sounds like you're a loyal Lowes customer, and an honest consumer. I think all the comments above have validity.

What I'd consider doing is waiting for the revised installation date. If all goes as expected, consider at that time whether you still feel a bit miffed. If all is well, you can certainly just let it go and admire your new door.

If something/anything goes wrong, though, you're not wrong for requesting some extra consideration from Lowes. I just received a nice gift card from Lowes for issues involving my new refrigerator order/delivery/installation. And since there's ALWAYS something at Lowes you might like or need ... we bought new bathroom faucets with our card today. ... a gift card might prove useful to you sooner than you think.

Let us know how the new installation goes, and if you'd like to escalate, we can help advise the steps to take. In the interim, keep on keeping notes about the who/what/whens of what's happening.

Best of luck to you.
Dec 11, 2016
Out of curiosity, did you use any coupon or discount towards the new door? The reason I ask, is because if you weren't already using a coupon, then I'm sure Lowe's would be willing to discount the door (not the installation) by 10% easily enough. Even if you don't use a credit right away, you might be able to use it down the road for new furnace filters, or light bulbs, etc.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If you want to request anything, request a gift card for a future purchase. My wife dealt with Empire Carpet and not one but 4 canceled appointments and she got nothing but an apology after taking off four times from work.

If it were me- I would wait until the job is finished and then use our company contacts to write about the entire experience. God knows how long the new door is going to take or if you are going to have a problem with actual installation.

Wait and write about the entire experience.