Sherwin Williams paint mixup

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Sep 10, 2019
If I bought stain from Sherwin-Williams the contractor went the second time for the stain they had the tag number from the first can in the store next it wrong who is responsible to pay for the labor for the second time for it to be painted to match the contractor or the store
Sep 10, 2019
I would also like to add the store has admitted it was their fault and has offered to repay me for paint but I want to know who is to pay for the labor for the stores mess up
Mar 29, 2016
The contractor is the professional and is expected to know the specifications of the job. The contractor was in control of the application and it is reasonable to expect them to assure they are applying the proper color match by testing a swatch against the existing finish. If the question was they had 8 foot boards they were installing and the store accidently delivered 7 foot ones you would expect the contractor to check the accuracy of the delivery before installing them.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
i think both are responsible. Didn’t the contractor realize when they started to apply the second coat it was a different color? Another question is who gave you the information you only need one can? If you had the right footage you could have bought two cans together and this might not have happened.
Jan 6, 2015
the United States
For me, there are two critical pieces missing. First the labels on both cans. If they match, then the liability for labor rests exclusively with the store I think. If they do not match, then I can see that the contractor should have given the second can back so they could mix it right.

The other missing piece, for me at least, is why the contractor had to paint everything twice. When did he/she notice the mismatch? Did the stain have to completely dry?
Mar 23, 2015
I think if you and your painting contractor are arguing over THIS... you've got bigger issues on this job. I mean, how much time/labor could have been wasted before it was realized that it was the wrong stain? I would say whoever said "We have X00 square feet so we'll need Y gallons of stain for adequate coverage" is the one who should eat it, but that's MY opinion. The fair thing is probably to split the difference if it's such a bone of contention.
Likes: Neil Maley
Sep 27, 2018
Were the cans the same size? I learned the hard way that the tint adders for the one and 5 gallon cans do not work the same. Bought a 1 gallon can, then saw how little coverage I was getting, so I took the tag back to the store and got a 5 gallon pail. The clerk used the code number and made up a pail, took it home and the color was different. Went back and the manager quickly figured out what happened, they have to use an offset when making a 5 gallon pail, thus they need to know what tag I am bringing back. They made it up to me, but I learned to make sure I explained what I was doing. Why your contractor didn't notice this right away is a mystery.