Shattered dreams with Asus

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Jan 14, 2020

About 2 years ago I decided I wanted to build my own computer so I started saving. As a mid schooler and later a freshman I had very little money income. About 6 months ago a started research about computers and in mid october I contacted Asus pre buy support with a few questions. The agents I talked to (brooker and later marvin) told me the motherboard i had wanted supported SLI. (For those of you who don't know SLI is the ability to use multiple graphics cards togather.) Now as it would later turn out it does not but I am getting there.

I talked to a second agent a week(ish) later (marvin) and he confirmed that it supported SLI as well. So on November 22 2019 I bought the motherboard but I did not get it until after dec 22 so I could not have returned it in time anyway. I built my computer on dec 25th after years of doing yard work, and other neighborhood labor.

I then used the windows 10 liscence I had bought with the new PC. Now windows is tied to your Motherboard (see the problem?). So imagine my surprise when SLI did not work. I then talked to another asus support guy (marvin again) who claimed that it did support sli. I then whent to the list of motherboards that support SLI.
It was the first time I had seen it and discovered that no, the Asus Prime b450 plus doesn't support SLI. So I talked to asus again and the guy I talked to sent me to a manager. I talked to the manager who said he could not help me because his boss didn't want to deal with their embarrassing mistakes. He said I should email the high ups in Asus customer support. I then found your site. I used your mail form, crafted a polite letter and sent it to all the emails on your site. I gave them 1 week to respond its day 2 now.

My desired resolution is they replace my windows liscence and replace the motherboard I bought base on their false product representation with an Asus Crosshair Vii Hero WiFi.

I would also prefer that I don't have to ship the mobo they sold to me back to them because of shipping costs.

I get that to them this is a small deal but to me its huge deal and also quite a bit of money (5ish months of saving).

So there you have it.

Any ideas/advice helps
Jan 14, 2020
Oh, and I chose the Crosshair Vii Hero wifi because it is the cheapest SLI supported motherboard that will work with my o
May 1, 2018
I used your mail form, crafted a polite letter and sent it to all the emails on your site. I gave them 1 week to respond its day 2 now.

Emailing the executives was the correct next for you, but did you see this part:

Do not simply write to the CEO or send your request to all the executives at once. This could severely limit your ability to resolve your issue. Rather, start with the primary contact and then work your way down the list.

Emailing all the contacts at once reduces the effectiveness and you now locked yourself out of an escalation path.

You should request that Asus covers the return shipping for the motherboard you have, but asking them to let you keep it for free on top of sending you a different one is not reasonable.
Sep 19, 2015
If you bought a retail windows license can it be transferred by deactivating it from the wrong motherboard? Full windows versions often carry the right of transfer.

And no you do not get to keep the old one and get a new one. Ask for a prepaid shipping label.


Jul 30, 2018
We recommend writing to the first contact listed, then wait one week before writing to the next. Simultaneously writing all of the contact will likely land your letter in a spam folder. Don't start with the CEO or last contact. If this person says no then their is no one else to appeal to. No employee will override the CEO.
Jan 14, 2020
Thanks for the advice. I crafted my letter based on it and sent it to no. 1. Will tell you how it works out.