Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator problem

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Apr 15, 2018
I am requesting help with ongoing problems we are having with our Kenmore Elite refrigerator Model 795.74023.411 that we purchased as a part of a kitchen remodel in March 2015.

I will briefly summarize the issues...basically we are frustrated and upset that we have had 3 issues in 3 years that are costing us a lot of money and inconvenience due to the unreliability of a $3000 refrigerator.

In November 2015 the evaporator fan motor quit and was replaced under warranty, but it took over two weeks to get the repair scheduled and fixed. A few months later the fan stopped again due to the condenser coils being frozen over and blocking the fan (see pics)...since it was out of warranty at that point I defrosted the coils and since defrosted again every 3-4 months. The latest issue is the compressor failed about a month ago, so the refrigerator is dead.

Through this we have lost a couple of hundred dollars of food, we have spent $200 in diagnostic fees, and an estimate to replace compressor and complete first step of condenser freeze up service bulletin is over $700. The repairman pushed us to purchase an additional $600 extended warranty because he said compressor replacement can be tricky, and he couldn't guarantee the first step of the condenser freeze up bulletin would actually fix the problem.

About three weeks ago I spoke to the local Sears appliance store manager in Apex, NC and he said there was a known issue of condenser freeze up during the time of our purchase, but our serial number was not included in the free recall group. He promised to contact his district manager about our problems, but I have not heard from him or his manager, and he will not return my calls or emails.

I also contacted the manufacturer LG who basically said it is Kenmore's problem. They also said based on the LG model/serial numbers that the refrigerator sold to us as new in 2015 was actually manufactured in 2011.

I have contacted Sears call center and warranty departments who just give scripted answers. I reached out to the VP of customer experience, but a member of her executive support team seemed like she wasn't really listening and was unsympathetic. The customer service mantra is always the same..."sorry, you are out of warranty".

I feel like since the condenser freeze up is a known recall issue in similar models that it should be fixed free of charge. I feel a major component like a compressor that is under a 10 year parts warranty should include labor when it only lasts 3 years.

Hope you can help...Thank you.