Samsung refrigerator design flaw causes continued leaks into crispers

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Dec 12, 2018
I sent below email to Jon Cho at Samsung who was listed as head of customer service at Samsung. I have received no reply.

Dear Jon Cho,

We have a recurring problem with our Samsung refrigerator (model RF217ACWP) that repair persons have been unable to fix. It was purchased 10/2011 at Sears in Elgin, IL. We are very disappointed in its performance as we expected it to last much longer. We request your help in a solution.

This Samsung refrigerator continually and slowly fills with water which freezes in and below the crisper drawers, ruining the crisper's contents. This problem began within 18 months of the initial purchase. In 2013, Sears Home Services installed a defrost sensor in the back wall of the refrigerator. We also purchased a 3-year warranty on future repairs at that time. After the warranty expired, the problem returned. Thinking another repair service might better diagnose the issue, we called multiple places and hit a brick wall: none would to take on the job. So when we called Sears again in 2017, the repair man told us that putting in another defrost sensor would not resolve the problem for the long term -- it would eventually come back. . He told us we should let the refrigerator thaw out, clean out the ice and water and that might fix the problem temporarily. We did this twice and the problem continues. Currently, we remove the drawers contents and clean out the water and ice almost every week.

This is clearly a design flaw and we want Samsung to take ownership of the problem. We request that Samsung to fix the problem at Samsung's cost. If this problem cannot be permanently corrected, then we request a reasonable credit which covers the expenditures we have made to date for repairs and extended warranty (see attached receipts). We would also request a credit towards the cost of a replacement refrigerator, as we feel this one should have performed without major problems for 10-18 years (according to Appliance Life Expectancy Chart | Appliance Age and What Is the Average Life Span of a Refrigerator?)

Attached are copies of my receipts related to this problem. Below are other details about this purchase and from refrigerator label:
Samsung refrigerator model #: RF217ACWP
Power: 115V/50Hz
Compressor: MK162D-L1U
Date purchased: 10/18/2011
Purchase amount: $929.71
Place of purchase: Sears Outlet, Elgin, Illinois
Repair and warranty amount: $174.57 (dated 3/2013)

We look forward to your reply and a resolution to this problem. We will wait 2 months before seeking third-party assistance. Please contact either of us by email or cell phone.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Use our company contacts and write to the first executive. State you wrote to this one in October and never heard from him.

Make sure you aren’t adding attachments-attachments can cause emails to go into spam.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
What an annoying problem. I advise shortening your letter as much as possible, perhaps making a list of the facts in chronological order. It's important that your message be grasped with one read-thru, or it will be set aside "for later". Be very polite; instead of "this is clearly a design flaw", use "I believe that this might be a design flaw", for instance. We seem to get many complaints about Samsung appliances, so be polite, patient and persistent. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.