Samsclubs VS AMAZON

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Apr 25, 2019
Recent experience to share. Purchased 800$ item. Was not happy with product, they offer complete customer satisfaction guarantee. Called to process first steps explained, no issues every nice. Then the fun started. said I would receive a call within 2 days to pick up item. Ok. Waited 5 called them oh something must have got lost they initiated the pickup apologized. Item gets picked 3 days later. I sign electronically means it processed right there. Hahaha. Waited 4 days called them asked them where was the email confirming and processing the money owed to me. Oh something must have happened so they call around etc etc bottom line I finally get a refund email about 20 days into the process that is supposed to by policy within 48 hours. Apologies all around bla bla bla. So 4 days go buy no email from bank card. Called them first no fund posting yet in current card or recovery department. Called them back again so many excuses etc it is disgusting, flip people, smart alec responses no results. So 31 days of hounding any and everyone who I could call and or email I check the bank and it is recovery department. 33 later today I see the funds. So my friends during this time to release anxiety and frustration I did the above analysis. Both companies charge about the same for membership. Other than food both Companies now offer all the products does actually AMAZON's offerings far exceed SAMSCLUB. Here is the big difference in todays world most anything I order from AMAZON always gets to me in less than week most 2 days some a day and I don't ASK FOR IT THAT IS SERVICE. Anything I want from SAMS I have to drive and get or jump through hoops to get it. NOW THE DROP THE MICE scene. When I have an issue with AMAZON (assuming I don't self destruct something) NEVER AN ISSUE WITH CREDITS wham the minute that bar code label the money is back where it belongs in your pocket. After this last go round SAMS opened my to all of this so to all the morons at SAMS who think holding up 800$ from seniors is good business and funny sionara. Unless you are in business SAMS is not a family or individual Company to do business with AMAZON is they respect you as a CUSTOMER


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
Since you have apparently received your refund, your problem has been resolved without our assistance.