Rude Customer Service/Refund Misinformation

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Apr 18, 2018
I don’t have a compelling story like many of the others where I was diagnosed with a disease or there was a death in the family and was not issued a ticket refund. My story is only that my tickets were cancelled and I was given misinformation regarding the refund policy. The cost of my tickets (2) was $144 dollars each. While this may not be a lot to some, $288 is a large amount for me to swallow as a broke law student. I waited for my refund for two weeks and when it did not come, I called customer service. I spoke to three people who were very condescending and rude -- they spoke to me like I was an idiot. I was informed that I would NOT be getting my refund after all. My main issue is the massive amount of money this multi-million (maybe billion?) dollar company makes off people like me who find themselves in a bind. Not only are they keeping my money, they are now reselling those seats, allowing for them to double their profits. This is unconscionable, especially with the terrible (violent) things that they have done to their passengers.

I have since written to the refund department, the vice president of customer relations, and my credit card company. I will keep persisting.


Verified Member
Jan 5, 2015

As others noted, did AA cancel the ticket or did you? Typically, if they canceled they owe you a refund, but if you cancel they owe you nothing.

How were you notified of the cancellation and the policy? Was it on the phone or via email? If it's the later, do you still have the documentation? The former you can and should request that they pull and review their call records.

We really need to know more about the case in order to provide the best advice.