Revised Complaint

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Jun 24, 2019
You have written to a website with a volunteer forum composed of folks who like to assist others with consumer problems. They have a breadth of experience in various fields. I would guess that everyone here has had to deal with an insurer from time-to-time and has been frustrated. I was hit by a GEICO insured driver, where GEICO admitted fault that night to my wife. Thereafter, it took a year for my insurer and me to recover our losses through an insurance industry arbitration, a small claims lawsuit, and three complaints to the state insurance commissioner, each of which yielded another small check. I‘m not a fan.

With that background, your write-up is unreadable. Folks at GEICO will glaze over in reading it and will decide to defer to the guy who has already turned you down. Folks at GEICO will be defensive of your accusations hurled at GEICO’s employees and contractors. Folks here who have commented have all commented on readability; which should give you pause. (A few commented on causation, and I think that is a hurdle for you.) Some folks here have assisted you with re-drafting.

You are free to take our advice or not. It was free. All of us wish you success. The only thing we ask of you is that you let us know of the result.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I understand that my article is rather descriptive but that's because Geico representatives from the dm down have already influenced the subject matter. I want to connect with the reader so as to define my position in greater detail considering the VP in MD has associated and built relationships with the majority involved.
If you want to connect with someone at Geico, you can send a letter easily read and understood, as we have shown you in several examples. If not, it will probably just be discarded without being read. Up to you.
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