Reserved Minivan Not Given

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Jan 5, 2015
So, I would like to update everyone on the outcome.

First, my parents ended up traveling 8,110 miles during their rental. They had a great time, and they collected a lot of fuel receipts. Their fuel costs were $1,139.90. I submitted a pdf file of all of the receipts to Ms. Waters from my mother's email address. She replied with the following email:

Dear [My mother's name],

I hope you had a fabulous trip!

I have processed an adjustment, to the account billed, in the amount of $500.00. Please allow up to seven business days for this to post.

Again, as previously stated, I do apologize the correct vehicle was unavailable for your trip.

Yours sincerely,

Annette W.

Hertz Customer Services

We were blown away by that amount! It was well beyond what we expected, and it thrilled my parents.

Thank you for providing contact information that allowed me to secure a favorable resolution for my parents!


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Very glad for you. I am as surprised as you are about the amount and happy that they did the right thing. A well written calm letter can work wonders so kudos for you for a job well done. Thanks for the update.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Replying so you will check to see what happened above. It was a wonderful outcome!
Well, Sherry, you are definitely a contender for the BEST OUTCOME award so far this year! I am absolutely blown away that Hertz stepped up to the plate here. This is the way things USED TO BE!! Now that you've honed your killer-letter skills, you can join us and help others solve their problems.

P.S. I'll be in Lexington next week at the Kentucky Horse Park - Kentucky is a very special place, full of REALLY wonderful people ... your parents deserve this great outcome.
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