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Sep 17, 2018
I just went through the recent post where a person was asking about opinions on and moderators locked the thread before anyone could post anything. So i had to come over here to tell the forum what i have seen, observed and experienced about . This is going be a long post and please bear with me and go through it .
First of all I have seen many people complaining about charging extra money or not refunding after cancellation, but going through their website its clearly mentioned about their standard service charge and no refund policy. After all you have a choice to use their services or go to another platform, so there is no point in whining and crying later on.
Next its clearly mentioned in their website about USD being standard currency of payment, yet people complain about getting charged in USD rather than their local currency.
If anyone has been through Site jabber website you can clearly see how the whole ratings and reviews are manipulated. I went through the website and 90 percent of those reviews on reservations seem to be fake. If you go through each of the profiles posting the reviews, you can see that many of them have only posted 1 review. And there is a negative 1 star review everyday on the brand page. For a company who is not even listed in top 10 booking platforms, I don’t necessarily believe in all of the negative reviews being published. If you compare it with other popular platforms, you can see that no other platform has received such large amount of reviews on site jabber.
It's same for Trip Advisor too. Now if this forum truly advocates authentic problems and concerns then definitely you guys should help out people who are genuinely asking for opinions rather than locking down their threads.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
The thread was locked because the user that posted was removed from the site.

You are absolutely correct- many people create their own issues by booking nonrefundable rates because they book on price and then want a refund

We cannot help those that don’t read what they are buying. Do you think we should assist every person that book nonrefundable rates or don’t understand conversion rates?

Our advocates will go to bat for consumers that we think we can help. It is impossible for us to retain a relationship with hotels and suppliers if we ask them to get involved in every case unless it is truly one that the supplier was in the wrong.

For every customer we go to bat for they first need to use the process we have in place before our advocates get involved, which is using our company contacts and writing one at a time going up the corporate ladder. Many times consumers that do that get their problems fixed.

If the consumer has caused the problem it’s our job to tell them what they did and why we can’t help and advise them to use our company contacts anyway - sometimes a well written letter can get a no turned into a yes. We’ve seen plenty of times that cases we thought wouldn’t be fixed actually get a positive response from getting to the desk of the right person when a letter is written right.

We are not an opinion site and we can’t recommend or not recommend companies because then we are implying a company is trust worthy. Our business is to help if the consumer has been wronged. We recommend booking directly to avoid third party issues where finger pointing happens rather than a solution being found.
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