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Jul 10, 2017
Just want to post a heads up about Reservations.com and advice on pursuing them for a refund.

This company tacks on extra fees that are not reflected in the price you agree to when you book a hotel stay ($50 for 2 night stay for me), then lies to you about the hotel refund policy (told me that hotel wouldn't cancel reservation, though direct call to the hotel verified that cancellation for full refund was fine) and then tacks on a nonrefundable $15 fee. One customer service rep at reservations.com actually admitted to me that the website got a full refund from the hotel already, but was still trying to avoid passing the refund to me.

They will not want to give you any refunds, but if you stay on the phone with them long enough and call them back when they hang up on you, eventually you can get all of your money back, including the $15.

It took me about 2 hours total phone time. I don't know whether it helped that I had already opened a dispute with my credit card. I also threatened to sue reservations.com, and pointed out the difficulty they would have defending the suit in my state (you sue them where you are, not where they are).

I would not admit anything over the phone -- they were obviously trying to trap me into agreeing to their fees on their recorded phone call.

I was on hold for at least 20 minutes a couple of times but wouldn't go away.

Eventually they agreed to refund everything, including the $15 extra charge.
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