(paid but hotel doesn't have active reservation)

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Feb 19, 2019
Dear all,

I'm writing to figure out how to remedy a very bad hotel reservation issue.

My wife made a reservation in late November for a hotel in Washington DC from February 28-March 4, 2019 (total $1700.00). She thought she was booking with the hotel but turns out she was booking with They charged an extra $100 a night in "fees & taxes" that we later learned just went to them directly. We paid for the reservation through American Express. We immediately realized the extra charges when we received them email confirmation and called to cancel. They refused and said it was up to the hotel. I three-way phone conference the hotel and Reservationcounter and we cancelled the reservation. Reservationcounter was refunded $1300. I never received a refund and disputed the charge with Amex. Reservationcounter rebooked the reservation and told Amex it was a non-refundable booking. Amex closed the dispute due to it being non-refundable (nevermind the 3-way conversation we had or the fact they were refunded).

I called the hotel to confirm my reservation 10 days ago. The hotel said it was cancelled and that there was no active reservation. I have talked to ReservationCounter phone support line (Latin America based) and they insisted I had a reservation for several days and promised to reach out to the hotel to confirm and circle back with me in 1-2 days. They never did and I continued to not have a reservation. A manager on the phone referred me to email the support team and said that they (ReservationCounter) could do anything since it was a disputed charge (long since closed). I emailed the support team and have been corresponding with a man named Steven for the past 5 days. He first claimed that reservations show up 72 hours before arrival and then later said he was working on confirming the reservation. There has been no confirmation of a reservation at the hotel despite the reservation coming up next week. I am frustrated by the process and am concerned no one at Reservation Counter is taking responsibility to address this.

I really just want the reservation or a refund. My trip is next week and I'm stressed that no one is helping me figure this out and I might just show up without a hotel.

Please help and advise.

Thank you,