Renting from Hertz

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Oct 30, 2015
North Laurasia
Having had a year long battle with Hertz charging my card for 4500 bucks for an 'accident' that never happened ( (they managed to skin me out of almost 1000 bucks but I did get the rest back)..I've learned my lesson when it comes to renting cars, especially from Hertz. The following applies to ALL car rental companies you choose to deal with.
First when you get the car, before you take possession, : TAKE TIME STAMPED PICTURES. OF EVERYTHING. MAKE SURE the photos are time stamped. Take pictures of exterior, interior, Tires (tread AND sidewalls), roof, windshields, windows, exhaust pipe, everything inside and out. Take pictures of the engine and the trunk. Take pictures of the dashboard showing mileage and fuel levels before taking the car and when returning it. Keep all receipts for fuel.

I've created my own check list that I use when renting a car from ANY company, not just Hertz. It encompasses everything inside and outside but also: tires, interior, mirrors, etc. I make a note if it stinks of cigarettes. In fact, I will reject a car that smells of smoke. I don't smoke and won't pay for someone who did. I don't listen to their nonsense of ignoring "dings less the diameter of a quarter" I photograph and annotate every one. Take your time taking inventory of the car on YOUR list.
Then have the attendant read it and sign it. This is most important, it lets them know you have documentation. Make sure you have their name correctly spelled. If they have a employee number, get that too.
And if you do get slammed by the car rental months later, make a note of who you talked to, the time, get their extension number and good phone number. Keep ALL your documentation and make copies. Keep the originals. Demand documentation from THEM: accident reports, police reports, dated photos.
Let your credit card company and your insurance company know that you refuse to accept the blame for whatever damage the company claims happened.
Fight them hard. I finally had to get my attorney general involved because Hertz's so called customer service kept shunting me to shmoes who can't do anything except stall. Only my AG was able to puncture Hertz's Corporate Firewall, and even that took some doing.
Finally: I have a credit card that I use solely for renting cars. It has no more than $1500 on it. That's IT, because I usually don't rent a car for more than a week. That's enough money to use for gasoline and the rental. Don't use it for anything else. This way, they can't get you for more than that.
Good luck. It's gotten ugly out there.
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