Rental car accident Loss of Use and Admin Fees

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Feb 8, 2019
There is some good advice here that I hope I can apply to a similar dispute with Fox Rent A Car ... that has gone on for 18 months.

The Other Person hit me while I was at a dead stop. He was ticketed. His company, (Country Financial), paid for the extremely minor repair. Paint abrasions on the bumper cover. But then we began the Loss of Use/Administrative Fee dance. My company eventually subrogated the Loss of Use charge (an utterly ridiculous 19 hours of labor) without anyone ever requiring proof of, you know, actual Loss of Use. But that's the insurance game. "Administrative Fees" are now the sticking point. Country Financial doesn't pay them. Nor does State Farm. So it's up to me to deal with the collection agency.


Can I demand that Fox Rent A Car prove they had extra administrative work? With actual dates and phone numbers of people assigned to "the case?"

Fox is saying they have no role in this since they've turned it over for collection. Does that have any legal validity?

Should I just ignore the collection agency, and/or file a claim in small claims court and tell them to show up and make their case?

Should I hunt down the other driver and threaten him unless he pays the "Administrative Fees"?

Finally, State Farm told me months ago they were subrogating this whole matter. I've now learned that they "closed the file" last April. No one told me the "Administrative Fees" business was still a live matter ... with interest accruing. What might I be able to do with State Farm? A complaint with the state insurance commissioner?