Refund from the airline cancellation of the flight

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Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
Thanks for your help! I have contacted the kiwi custom service twice and they refused to do anything, just repeating that the airline did not provide the refund and they can not do anything for the last three days. I insisted on talking to their supervisor, also twice...I told them that I will file a formal complain to the Department of Transportation of US government. They now agreed to "investigate" the situation... and I am waiting for their response and will let you know their response as soon as I hear from them. I just do not feel right---anyone could run into similar situations and most of us do not know all these rules and procedures. is located in Brno-Starý Lískovec, Czech Republic .
Your flight involved a Russian airline traveling between Shanghai to Dubrovnik. The US DOT has no jurisdiction in this and you should not expect that the US DOT will help you in any way.