Progressive Insurance reclassified comprehensive claim in BAD FAITH

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Dec 29, 2017
Progressive Insurance

I have comprehensive insurance with a $100 deductible and collision with a $2000 deductible. My car was erroneously repo-ed and held for 5 months. After I paid the "ransom" to get my car back, it was returned to me with $3000 in damages and missing possessions including the built-in jack and tools (as assessed by Progressive's own adjuster) and 2,000 miles worth of joyride gas (evidenced by receipts found in car and by official mileage readouts before and after).

My policy covers damages during theft under comprehensive claims and the law recognizes unauthorized use of a vehicle while in repo as theft.

Progressive in an act of bad faith, is claiming my cars damages as 14 separate collisions each with their own $2000 deductible.
My policy states that to be classified as damages from collison, I would have to be in the car, which I wasn't. They're also claiming the bald tires and brakes the car was returned with as "normal wear and tear". My policy states that damages occurring during theft are not normal wear and tear.

After months of back and forth with Progressive including a payout of $11, I was told they'd maybe be able to reassess my claim if I got a police report for the car as stolen. I attempted to get one but the Hollywood Station refused to file a report for me. I'm stuck in how to proceed.

What's your desired resolution? I want them to pay the full comprehensive claim according to my policy and as their own adjuster assessed it ($1800 in visible damages but said they needed to get the car in the shop to assess the tires, breaks, etc. which would likely run about $1000) with my correct $100 deductible.

What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 2800

Date of transaction/travel date: 2017-05-30


Verified Member
Nov 21, 2014
Have you made a complaint to your States Dept of Insurance (Insurance Commissioner)?

What documentation do you have regarding an erroneous Reposession and why aren’t you suing whoever “Repossessed “ your Car.

Please explain what happened and what paperwork you have regarding your car missing for 5 months? We can’t advise you otherwise and it would seem if a Bank repocessed your car in error and you now have your damaged car back there are other ways to get your damages reimbursed. What paper trail (letters, emails, correspondence) supporting this error do you have?
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I agree with Jville. The company that repossessed the car is your issue. I don’t understand why it took 5 months to get it back if it was erroneous. Can you explain why the car wasn’t released right away?

I think I you may need to retain an attorney and sue the company that repossed the car for the damages that occurred during the time they had your car.
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