Problems with Ravn Airlines

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Sep 10, 2019
My flight was with RAVN on July 30th 2019 from Kenai airport. Conformation # TLURNS. My 5;30 PM flight was canceled due to plane mech issues. I was rebooked after standing in line for 1 hour on the 8;30 flight. I called expedia who i booked with and the told me that RAVN owned my tickt and RAVN would have to reschedule/rebook my flight home. While waiting for my 8;30 flight to anchorage i got in line for another 45 minutes and oce at ticket counter ,, the agent denied being able to rebook my flight and stated her only responsibility was to get me to Anchorage and she could not redo my whole flight. I missed all my connecting flights and once in Anchorage realized that Ravn counter was closed. I checked with delta airlines and they said Raven was the only one who could redo/rebook my ticket. I was alone in the airport without any way to get any help fromRAVN. I needed to wait til RAVN ticket window opened at 7AM. The agent said she could rebook my ticket and so could have he agent in Kenai. She rebooked me home at 8;30 PM on United to Chicago then back to my home in asheville NC . I can,t believe the agent in Kenia denied she could help me and so it took me 3 days to get home. I was exhausted and disappointed and angry. The baggage people at Kenai refused to look for my fish even with a supervisors request so i thought my thousands of dollars of fish were spoiling. I feel i deserve to be compensated for this horrible and extremely stressful ordeal....

What's your desired resolution? i would like to be refunded the cost of my flight

What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 1200

Date of transaction/travel date: 07/30/2019
Jan 6, 2015
Compensation is a reasonable next step, in my opinion. They should have taken care of you in Kenai.
However, a request for a full refund will be difficult to obtain, and may be ignored.

Specifics (recommended)
  • Flight scheduled for July 30th 2019 at 5:30 PM from Kenai AK. It was booked using Expedia
  • The flight was canceled due to mechanical issues, and I was rebooked on the 8:30 flight after standing in line for 1 hour
  • I then called Expedia and was told that RAVN would have to reschedule/rebook my flight home
  • I was then in another line for another 45 minutes where the agent stated she could not redo the remainder of my itinerary, but could get me to Anchorage
  • I missed all my connecting flights and once in Anchorage realized that the RAVN counter was closed (until 7AM?)
  • I checked with Delta (for the trip home?) and they said RAVN was the only one who could redo/rebook my ticket
  • At 7AM the RAVN agent said she could rebook my ticket and so could the agent in Kenai
  • She rebooked me home at 8:30 PM on United to Chicago then back to my home in Asheville NC
  • I would like to be refunded the cost of my flight ($1,200)
Please read this article before reaching out to RAVN
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Sep 20, 2015
Was the entire itinerary under one ticket number? Online travel agencies are notorious for booking double tickets and calling them one. If it wasn't booked under one number, RAVN is correct--they only know about the one ticket to ANC and have no responsibility beyond this. On the other hand, you have a case if the itinerary is under one number and a mechanical prevented you from making your connection.

I'm guessing you won't get the full amount, but you should press for something. Good luck Fisherman!
Sep 19, 2019
I recently had a similar experience with Ravn Alaska. Two of my flights, Anchorage to King Salmon and return were cancelled due to “mechanical issues. I incurred over $300 in cancellation and rebooking fees with delta because the later flights on Ravn forced me to miss all my original departure flights home on Delta. I have discovered that this is a standard practice with Ravn. If a flight isn’t full they use the guise of “mechanical issues” to cancel flights. I can’t believe this airline is allowed to fly with all these problems forcing them to ground flights. They are the only airline that flies to many of these smaller communities so they call all the shots. A good attorney with aviation experience should file a class action lawsuit to help passengers re-coup thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
FOR OUR OTHER READERS When booking a trip that involves flights on different airlines with many connections, it's important that your booking be made on ONE PNR (confirmation number). Booking through an online agency is the worst choice, unfortunately. They have little customer service in the face of challenges. You really need to book through a real travel agent if you can't get the trip booked through one airline plus their partners. Small planes often experience cancelled flights for a myriad of reasons. You need someone behind you so you're not left out in the cold.
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