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Oct 18, 2018
I went on a ten night cruise to the Panama Canal and Central America from 18 September 18 to 28 September 18. Things started off very well, nice ship, great internet service, very good food, excellent shows and an outstanding cabin steward. I stayed in room R401, which is a penthouse suite. The suite was average, I find the Haven on NCL and the Yacht Club on MSC to be much nicer, but I digress. On 23 September 18 at apx. 1000-1130 hrs, I was wondering around the shops and the casino area while waiting to be told where I needed to go as a gathering space for my excursion. As I wondered around for a bit I passed bye Elke Pointecker, the Customer Service Director. I asked Elke about the gathering area for my excursion. She was very nice and kind and after looking at her information told me that I'd be gathering in the Explorer's Lounge. However, she continued, since your number is 8 I'd wait until you hear number 7 called then proceed to the lounge. I thanked her for her kindness. I did as Ms Pointecker directed; I waited until number 7 was called and I proceeded to the Explorer's Lounge. Upon my arrival, Eddie, of the Future Cruise Department, confronted me in the rudest manner. (I don't remember being talked to in such a rude and condescending way in a long time. In fact, the last time I remember someone being that rude and nasty to me was when I was in Law Enforcement.......'96-'01.) Eddie proceeded to inform me that there was no way to know where my group would gather and that I should "sit down!". I immediately went to Guest Services and reported the incident and was asked to write down what had happened, which I immediately did. I was told to expect a phone call. The day finished and the next day was into the early evening hours and still nothing. So on 24 September at apx. 1810 hrs. I returned to Guest Services and spoke to an employee who mysteriously couldn't find the report from the previous day (although I pointed out the young man on the other end of the desk as the one who received my report). So I filled out another report and I asked to speak to Elke Pointecker which they refused to allow me to speak to her, instead they sent out Pedrag, the customer service manager. He listened and apologized for the incident (but the wrong person was apologizing, Eddie should have done that). He received my hand written account of the incident and stated, "This will be addressed by the highest in management". The end of the cruise came and I heard nothing, in fact, to this day I have heard nothing from Princess Cruiselines. I'm a Roman Catholic Priest for 17 years now and I simply cannot understand their lack of communication. If this is how Princess Cruise Lines operates, quite frankly, I don't want anything to do with them. I traveled with Princess because some of my parishioners said it would be very nice. I'm thinking that from now on I'll stick to Norwegian and MSC. Thank you very much.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We have company contacts on our main page. Find the contacts for Princess and write to them. Read how to write on the bottom of the page - one execut be at a time once a week.

You have to feel sorry for people that may really not like their jobs. In all walks of life you find rude people- the supermarket, doctors office, airlines. As a priest I am sure you are exposed to many people who are unhappy in their lives. I find it better not to dwell on one unhappy person and tend to feel sorry for them because off their unhappiness. If I had to write complaint letters for every miserable person I met it would be a full time job.
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Sep 19, 2015
I have to ask what more do you want? A forced insincere apology from Eddie? Penang apologized to you. Companies do not disclose their internal discipline. Should the cruise line write letters to every person who complains of rudeness? You made a report, you received an apology. Is it not time to forgive and move on?
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