Pizza Hut Delivery Address Update

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Apr 29, 2021
I moved into a new construction home about 6 months ago and delivery places have been struggling to get the addresses right in their systems.

Often, we'll be assigned delivery from a store that's pretty far from us, instead of the one that's 5 minutes away (and as the consumer, I can't update the store location unless I change it to Carryout).

I was able to get Domino's to correct things in their system, but I can't seem to do the same with Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut's online communication system makes you select a local store for them to route the complaint or "General Inquiry" to. My husband reached out through their system a few weeks ago and got no traction. Any ideas on how to get a request that Pizza Hut Corporate actually looks at, instead of routing it to the local store (which can't do anything about it either)?

Any help is appreciated!

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Forum Moderator
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You can ask our researchers to see if they can find contacts for you.



Jul 13, 2020
I have a friend that lives in the only 5 houses in his Zip code that is on the other side of the river. It is 15 miles to the nearest bridge.
He solved this problem by using his address and the closest town on his side of the river.
He always gets a call asking where he is when the driver is close ... But the driver is CLOSE.
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Aug 19, 2019
We had this problem -- with Pizza Hut in fact -- when we moved in to an infill house that was on a former alley that became a full named street. Their computer didn't have the street, and they couldn't just take the nearest cross street info. We had issues with other things (including city services if I remember), and it took a year or more to show up in some mapping databases.

We ended up just doing carryout most of the time, but it was annoying.


Mar 6, 2019
Pizza Hut almost certainly buys their map database from a 3rd party and it is probably not possible for them to update it. These types of databases tend to get updated fairly regularly (2 or 3 times a year) so you may have to wait until the database is updated before the problem is resolved.


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
Where is your internet server located? Mine is in New Hampshire even though I and my computer are fifty miles away. So when I go to the Home Depot website, or Old Navy, or whatever, they tell me "my store" is in New Hampshire. I have Google location services turned off on my computer. Look at your settings and enable location services - that will "tell" Pizza Hut where you live.
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Jan 6, 2015
the United States
I found two (2) items that might help you.

First, when ordering delivery online, I am given choices for Pizza Hut locations. Not sure why you are are unable, unless you are calling in your order. But even then you should be able to call the closest one.

Second, in the "Checkout" web page there is a field that allows you to give brief instructions (see below). You could, for example type "near 3rd and Main St" (20 of 28 allowed characters).

Mar 23, 2015
Ugh I feel you. We were a new build and were constantly told "that address doesn't exist" for everything from food delivery to Internet and cable services!! Are you ordering directly from Pizza Hut in which case you should be able to "Select My Store" or are you ordering from a 3rd party like DoorDash? If that's the case, you may be outta luck. I will never figure out the DoorDash reasons for sending my order from one Chipotle vs. another closer one, etc... But, do be patient. It took about 6 months but eventually my street became "REAL" although for 3 full years my house was still a dirt lot on Google Maps :)