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Apr 20, 2021
On December 9th 2020 I went to major car dealership in Miami with intention to purchase a vehicle and use my current vehicle as a trade in for a reduced package deal. The dealership performed a vehicle history report (CarFax) and found a couple discrepancies that affected the entire deal. The report showed that Pep Boys entered the mileage incorrectly during service maintenance, reflecting in the report to the dealer as an exempt or possible tampered odometer. Apparently the associates at Pep Boys deliberately entered a random mileage on multiple visits. And as a result I was unable to get the proper trade in value for my vehicle and the offer voided. Pep Boys failed to follow proper procedures with reporting the correct mileage and service information, due to their negligence it costed me more money and a transaction. I offered Pep Boys the opportunity to settle this matter amicably and have communicated with managers including an entry level in house counsel. Pep Boys never once apologized or assumed responsibility for as they stated "a simple error" which occurred more than once with a 40.000 mile difference that decreased the value of my vehicle significantly. The auto industry rely on the transparency of vehicle history reports for many reasons from determining the condition/ safety of a vehicle to the estimated value. I was in the negotiation phase until a designated Pep Boys representative that was responsible for investigating and resolving my complaint became extremely aggressive and disrespectful towards me. My last contact with that representative was on March 24, 2021 after her unwarranted insults. I was not making any progress with this individual and requested for this matter to be escalated or forwarded to another senior personnel or executive, however I received no response. I've made several attempts to resolve this matter on my own and have been unsuccessful with connecting to the appropriate individual that can render a fair decision while treating me with dignity and respect. I'm willing to accept a recovery of $5000 from Pep Boys with an apology to close this complaint.