Paypal Mastercard Disaster

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Oct 14, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is a case where I received a fake Rolex Watch after paying more than 8000 USD. I raised a PayPal Buyer Protection Case, but it was closed in favour of Seller. PayPal provides the reason that difference is very minor, Whereas, I have received a counterfeit item. Please refund my hard earned money. Now I have no money to buy a Rolex. It was really my hard earned money, Which is my saving from the last 6-7 years. It takes so many years for me to save such huge amount of money.


1. May 23, 2017: I have purchased a NEW Rolex Submariner Date Stainless Steel 40mm Ceramic Model : 116610LN (Black Colour Model) wrist watch from eBay UK Website ( from my eBay user ID : eport.j for US Dollars 8315 (Item Cost USD 8255 plus 65 USD Shipping Cost)(Indian Rupees. 5, 64,025.76). Payment was done through PayPal vide

(eBay Item No. was)

2. May 25, 2017: Seller dispatched the Item through FedEx

3. After the dispatch, Item was detained in Indian Customs. I asked seller about this delay then he told me that he declared only 150 USD on custom form.

4. July 20, 2017: I have received the Shipment after Customs Clearance. When I unbox it, I found a Green Counterfeit Rolex Watch instead of Black Genuine Rolex watch. (Unboxing Video of Shipment is uploaded to YouTube on July 20, 2017 the same day just after receiving the shipment).

You can check the unboxing video on YouTube Website on URL :
or by searching “Rolex Submariner Black date Unboxing eBay Item # 262990713708”

5. July 20, 2017: Asked the seller about this. He first assured me that he will help, then he denied. Then I raised a Complaint with UK Police Online Action Fraud Team ( as Item was purchased from eBay UK website vide National Crime Reference No. NFRC170801951804. Police Complaint is also raised as an FIR in my Local Police Station. FIR No. is DDN/RAJ/2017/0005286.

6. July 20, 2017: Raised the eBay Buyer Protection Case immediately for return and refund.

7. August 01, 2017: Case was closed in favour of Seller. Reason was mentioned that seller is not accepting returns, hence no returns and no refund.

8. August 01, 2017: Then, I raised an Item not as described claim to return the item with PayPal

9. August 17, 2017: Case Closed by the PayPal in favour of Seller, PayPal states the reason that difference is very minor between the item received and item described in the listing. Whereas, I have received a fake Rolex Watch.

10. August 28, 2017: Already returned the item to seller vide IndiaPost EMS Service on August 28, 2017.

11. October 02, 2017: Received a email reply from PayPal after exact 2 months for my email dated August 02, 2017 but no resolution. See this is the working of PayPal, They replied to my email after 2 months.

Request you to please provide resolution to me by getting my hard earned money back. This is really very sad moment for me.


I hereby affirm that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks and Regards,

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Apr 10, 2017
Is it possible someone in Indian Customs switched out an authentic Rolex sent by the seller for the fake one? Just a thought as that's another avenue you can pursue.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
What kind of proof do you have that the watch was fake? Am I reading that you already returned it to the seller? Did the seller give you written approval that he would accept the return? Where does MasterCard fit in this story?

It would be helpful if you took a step back and looked at the big picture. You say one thing, everyone else says a different thing. Now you're out that enormous amount of money and have no watch at all. This is an amazing story.
Aug 28, 2015
New York
I happen to be a Rolex expert. The Submariner 2017 is probably less than 10k at a certified Rolex store (ie Tourneau in NY, etc). They all ship. I think it @ $8500. I cannot conceive of why you would ever buy one on eBay that costs the same amount. It would make more sense to buy one on the street to $30.
Private party purchases of older hard to find models or even new ones must be appraised before you pay for them. There are many obvious indicators of authenticity but some are pretty good and more subtle. The first thing you would do is take it to a certified Rolex and ask. Get a statement and disputed the charge. Easy, peasy.
Please do not do this again.

Some ex of what to look for are the obvious way the second moves, the placement of the numbers, Rolex puts a serial number in the inside of the dial etched by hand in tiny numbers. You can tell right then if the year and style is the same as the year and style claimed. Everything on a Rolex is done by hand and perfect. If you do not even see a serial number hidden on the side edge of the glass then forget it. It also says Rolex hand etched all around in tiny letters around he serial number. It is or is not one. But yours costs the same as one so you are in the clear. Get the money back.

Also, did he where he bought it? Did you call the store and verify. He would have an appraisal if it was real.

No one there cares what you say. You need to show the serial number etched in and he will show proof that it is real, if it is and that is that. It is very easy to prove for both of you.
Aug 28, 2015
New York
Just kidding, the submariner is $7500 on Your purchase makes little sense. Why buy from a stranger rather than the real at the same price? They will assume you switched it for a fake and kept the real and want your money too, or at least planned to do that until you realized now you have 2 fakes. Be prepared to answer that question for any dispute.
Aug 28, 2015
New York
I just reread the post. I got too excited about your new watch that I missed it.

Deepu: Rolex boxes are green. I have never heard of a black one ever. Every Rolex model I have encountered comes in a green box. Green is the signature color of the entire brand. They may give you a notebook and it’s always in the signature green. Black would have to be something it just does with submariners .

Are you sure your particular model is associated with a black box? Also, that does not matter anyway as you are buying it at the very least 3rd hand or you would have the certified appraisal and could easily call the store. New York only has like 4 authorized Rolex dealers and have all been in business forever so there are not many. That does not mean the watch is fake.

For everyone who buys expensive items through sites like eBay those purse sites for women, there is a ton of info that the site provides to check authenticity. Many sites guarantee real or your money back. I would still be wary and the prices do not seem significantly cheaper. It is like OTAs v direct booking. It’s never a better deal then direct. An authorized dealer will also ship and insure for free, probably all over the world.