PayPal freezing accounts no reason and refusing to give money back to specially in emergency

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Mar 17, 2015
It would still be helpful if you would list out what happened with bullet points and full complete sentences. Then, we can help you draft a letter to PayPal that they may at least read.
I've tried to be civil with them even on the phone and they just keep telling me that tjey can't help me or wont and i still have to wait 180 days. And im broke so is my lady n no family to help an our son is sick. I dont want full access just access enough to do atleast a partial transfer of funds. But they tell me i have to still wait 180 days
Here’s a transcript of your chat with PayPal from Wed Jan 02 2019
PayPal:Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortlyChitra:Hello, Welcome to PayPal Chat! My name is Chitra. How may I help you today?William Pranskat:Hi good morningChitra:Good Morning William.William Pranskat:So i have a permanent limitation on my account because i have had 2 prior accounts that were shut down. Now on my 2 new accounts personal n businessChitra:I do understand your concern regarding the limitations. I would suggest you to stay connected, so that I can transfer this chat to the relevant team.Chitra:Are we still connected?William Pranskat:Chitra:Okay. I'll transfer the chat now.William Pranskat:paypal Jan 2, **** Your PayPal account is Verified and your sending limits were removed Hello William Pranskat, Your GREEN DOT BANK bank account x-xx40 was confirmed, and your sending limits were removed. Your PayPal account is Verified Now that your account is Verified, you can send payments from your bank account even when your PayPal balance is zero. Verification increases customer trust, so thank you for taking this extra step, and enjoy the benefits of being a Verified PayPal member. Sincerely, PayPalChitra:please be online our team will surely assist you with this.William Pranskat:Email i recievedChitra:Thank you for the email. Please let them know the same as well.William Pranskat:But cant withdraw n i really need emergency funds my son is really sick n as of right now I'm broke n no family to help usWilliam Pranskat:Id just like access to atleast partial of my funds from my personal accountWilliam Pranskat:HelloWilliam Pranskat:HelloLokeshwari:Hi, welcome to PayPal. I’m Lokeshwari. I will be happy to assist you today!William Pranskat:I really hope so. Heres the situation k plz hear me out firstLokeshwari:I understood. I'm really sorry to hear that!Lokeshwari:Let me check and help you my best.Lokeshwari:please give me a moment to review your account.Lokeshwari:Upon further review of your account, it does appear at this time that the limitation applied is a permanent one. For whatever reason, it has been deemed that there is too much risk associated with your account to allow it to be used any further. I don't have specific information regarding why, but essentially, we are parting ways at this point and the decision cannot be overturned, and I'm truly sorry I don't have better news at this time.William Pranskat:So limitation was put on my business and personal Christmas Eve right after I was sent money I went to access the funds and I wasn't allowed to had to wait a day and a half just be told that's the reason why permanent limitation was put on was because my two old prior accounts I understand that I screwed up and I shouldn't have opened up my two accounts but I'm sitting here with no funds and I got sick 4 month old baby I'm just asking for partial release of transfer not full access or anything now I just got that email that I sent you saying I have access but you guys are still saying I don't I'm just asking for at least 50 $60 from my account so I can get my son sucked for his medications he's puking upLokeshwari:yYour balance will be held 180 days from the date of the limitation. At that time, any remaining funds will be available for withdrawal.William Pranskat:But here's the thing I know you guys can do emergencies for partial transferLokeshwari:I'm really sorry. You can withdraw only after 180 days i, e; on Jun 21 2020.William Pranskat:Look I'm not asking for full access I'm just asking for you guys please help me out you guys can keep the accounts I just need a little bit of cash so I can get my son some medication I have nobody helpingLokeshwari:I'm really sorry. You can withdraw only after 180 days i, e; on Jun 21 2019.William Pranskat:But what you're doing is highway robbery you guys already embarrassed me on Christmas Eve when I went to go take my family out I couldn't even access my cash and you guys never sent me no emails nothing I had to learn about this at the gas pumpLokeshwari:I apologize, I realize this is frustrating, I'd feel the same in your shoes.Lokeshwari:Our decision to leave your account in a permanent limitation status is final.Lokeshwari:Due to the potential risk of chargebacks and other risks of funds reversals, your balance will be held 180 days from the date of the limitation. At that time, any remaining funds will be available for withdrawal.Lokeshwari:Is there anything else I can help you with today ?William Pranskat:I'm reading your guys's forums and online that you guys will help and consider partial transfer I'm not asking for a full transfer just asking for a partialLokeshwari:Yes, we'll allow partial refunds but not for the accounts which has permanent limitation.William Pranskat:Look man I know you guys can help me but you guys are just being stubborn in cold hearted right now I understand I should never have opened up to new account my bad would you guys want to even send my boss back money from either accountLokeshwari:At this time I have no new information for you, nor any further action I can take on your behalf. Unless you have a separate, unrelated question or concern, I'm sorry.William Pranskat:Well then one of you guys are lying to me because I was just told that I can do a partial transferLokeshwari:I'm sorry for the miscommunication.Lokeshwari:. You can withdraw only after 180 days i, e; on Jun 21 2019.Lokeshwari:At this time I have no new information for you, nor any further action I can take on your behalf. Unless you have a separate, unrelated question or concern, I will have to disconnect our chat. I'm sorry.
This was just a moment ago n the they disconnected me while i was trying to plead my case to them. I tried calling n now i have to wait for a call back. They r being cold hearted and stubborn and dont wanna help me at all
Mar 23, 2015
But I just got off the phone with PayPal they did at least refund my boss back the $50 that he sent me on my business but they're saying I have to wait the hundred eighty days for my person cuz that has more transaction between me and him

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
There is nothing else you can do- at least you got your money back which is more then we’ve seen in other cases. I am actually quite shocked that they aren’t totally closing your account as that’s usually what happens.

You broke the rules and you are going to have to work around the 180 days.

Have you thought of using another money transfer service like Venmo if your boss is going to be sending money your way?
Sep 19, 2015
Did something bad happen to the previous accounts?

PayPal is afraid of chargebacks and that if the money is released now it can be withdrawn tomorrow yet a chargeback happen in two months — meaning as an example money taken out January 7, leaving account at $0, but chargeback may happen January 11 and there is no recourse to get the money back as there is only a prepaid debit card linked.

Getting money sent back to sender and having them pay in cash or other method is best.

If your baby is sick check into social services for the poor, most states have a program for children. PayPal is a for profit business and they are not caring about the sick and they do not like risk. That is the cold truth.

First priority should be getting the baby treated, and then look into different pay methods.