orbitz not honoring price guarantee on cruise reservation

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Jan 6, 2015
I thought of that, Neil, but didn't post because I'm unsure how it all works. If Orbitz refunds immediately and the cruise line cancels, they would refund Orbitz the full amount they paid to the cruise line. What the insurance does is no concern of Orbitz either, so I don't see a risk for Orbitz on this one . . .

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I’m not talking about the cruise line canceling, the client can cancel and, depending on the time frame, receive a full refund. And then more from Orbitz for the price guarantee.

If client cancels, the refund goes to the clients credit card, not back to Orbitz. And if there are cancellation penalties and client puts in an insurance claim, again- the refund goes to the client. Orbitz would never know if an insurance claim was paid to the consumer.
Jan 6, 2015
Right. But a) Orbitz doesn't care (or shouldn't), and b) won't the insurance verify with Orbitz what the passenger paid (at which point Orbitz would deduct the refund)?
Jan 6, 2015
Are you sure? If the passenger claims, for example, $2500 and the insurance checks with Orbitz wouldn't they (Orbitz) report back $2000 (subtracting the $500 they refunded)? Seems to me Orbitz would have to . . .
Aug 13, 2018
WOW! Well, this was a master class in how to self-advocate. BRAVO! Now the big question is...will you get your refund? I sure hope so. I'm not surprised they are making you wait until after completing your travel...I expect they would claim that bullet 10 and bullet 3 are applicable. In other words, both have to have occurred - 7-to-10 days after verification AND completion of travel.

So time will tell if they do what they promised to do and refund you. Please do come back and tell us!

Honestly, I'm shocked that they even agreed to it. As others pointed out earlier, these "guarantees" are really nothing more than marketing tools...it's exceedingly rare for someone to actually be able to make use of them. Every case I've ever seen involves trivial details about the booking that ostensibly make the lower priced offer "different" somehow. Something as arcane as a slight wording difference in the contract, or terms and conditions, can be enough for them to say "Sorry, these are not the same offers, so the guarantee doesn't apply".

Just the fact that you had to jump through so many hoops, and talk with so many people who CLEARLY didn't want to help you, says it all: they don't really mean these guarantees, and they don't want anyone to try to use them. You sure backed them into a corner! ;-)

But you seem to have all of your ducks (and geese and seagulls) in a row. I'm sure hoping they don't find some loophole to get out of it!
I will get back on this forum in Jan 2020 to report if they refunded me
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