Not Providing enough availability at Hilton Grand Vacation 4 month out-Bait and Switch

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Apr 18, 2019
Dear Mr. Soroka,

I would like to say that Hilton properties, specifically Embassy Suites is one of my favorite chains to stay in when I travel. I have had exceptional experiences with Hilton over the last 25 years I have traveled. I am a Million miler traveler and gold level with American and typically stay in Hilton, and Sheraton properties.

I have had such great experiences that when your Hilton Grand Vacation team contacted me to experience a stay in Orlando, I actually took the call and paid $167 for a 3n/4day experience. The gal who I spoke with on March 5, 2019 said I could stay in any Hilton property in Orlando as long as we attend the presentation for the Hilton Grand Vacations. I believe there are 15 or so Hilton Orlando properties. Very unusual to not be able to find more than one with availability 4 months out.

I booked my airline tickets with frequent flyer miles to come in to Orlando with my wife July 20-23, 2019. When I spoke with Brice Baldare, it appeared there was only one property that was available at that time, out of 15.

I was really interested in the Hilton Grand Vacations at Tuscany Village. It appears that even 4 months out, there was only one property available which was Hilton Grand Vacations at Sea World. When I tried to tell Brice that I really wanted the Tuscany Village property he tried forcing me into the Hilton Grand Vacations at Sea World and changing the dates I had already booked with American. When I tried to ask to talk to a supervisor he would not put me through. I waited for 15 minutes (Very unlike me). I wanted to speak with a manager because I feel I was miss led on being able to stay in any Orlando property prior to the presentation. In fact Brice argued with me, and without, in his words, having a better reason for talking with a manager he would not put me through. Not the kind of customer Service I believe you are trying to create.

One of the reasons I have not pursued an ownership package in the past is because whenever you want to book, properties are not available. This experience has damaged the goodwill Embassy Suites established over the last 25 years. I realize I am only one customer but having an experience like this makes me want to tell lots of people about my poor experience with your brand, Hilton Grand Vacations.

The $167 I paid is a small amount to not have to endure the abuse and argumentative stance your people take when providing the exceptional service they think they are providing.

I know you are responsible for continuous development of innovative enhancements to the Club Member experience and for providing corporate and customer strategies to drive profitable customer behavior and create a customer-centric culture focused on service, retention, and loyalty while driving value for the company.

I don’t think I could stand the way your people would treat me in a 2 hour presentation. Fortunately I learned beforehand. I believe additional training is necessary for your sales associates.

Your info on your website says; HGV also manages and operates two best-in-class club membership programs, providing exclusive services for more than 305,000 Club Members around the world. These points-based reservations and exchange programs offer Members maximum flexibility and travel options. Club Member privileges include membership in the world-class, guest-reward program Hilton Honors® to use among Hilton’s more than 5,600 properties, as well as access to vacation exchange options across more than 4,300 resorts globally through RCI®.

Your Values found on your website certainly don’t reflect how your people treat potential owners and guests, especially your hospitality value and your integrity value.

I realize you have a no refund policy, I think I now know why, but it would go a long way with me if you refunded me the $167 just on principle.

Thank you for your time
Jan 30, 2018
My guess is that they start taking reservations up to a year in advance and of course Orlando is a prime family vacation spot - therefore popular in the summer. I can understand their being fully booked just 4 months out.
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Oct 2, 2014
@Roger4311 Since you've skipped multiple steps, at this point I guess you need to just wait until you get an answer back from your email.

In the future, start at the bottom and work your way up. Each step you skip is a step where someone might say yes. Jumping to the #2 rules out all those possibilities.

At this point, you might start looking for another place to stay. It sounds like your certificate is probably like a lot of programs. You maybe able to use your certificate at any location but there are only a certain number of rooms allotted to it on any given night. Once those rooms are booked, you have to look elsewhere.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I have to agree with my colleagues. Availability for these offers are often off season, not during the most popular times of years when the resorts are sold out. And some of these book very early.

You shouldn’t have booked your air until you had the stay confirmed.

You really have no case to demand the resort you want. They want full revenue bookings before reduced priced .
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Sep 27, 2018
Roger, while this has been a frustrating experience, I think you have just gained some insight into the program. If you were thinking of joining this program so as to have a place during prime time to say take the grandkids to the theme parks, I think you have a good indication of how this program will work. If you are looking for a flexible vacation spot, try going down in October, the weather is really nice, the crowds are less and the airfare is cheaper.