Norwegian Not Honoring 48 Hour Price Guarantee

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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Also, we don't know that the rate @bgh10788 booked through cruise direct was a special travel agent promotion so this is all conjecture.

The LW should reach out to the contacts as Norwegian does not limit its BRG to bookings nor summarily exclude all travel agent/3rd party bookings. Norwegian qualifies the exclusion sited above to the extent that the promotion is not also offered by Norwegian.
AAGK, it does restrict it to people booking through NCL directly and only honors thecrate change if thecratw us lower in or a letter or document directly from them.

They are guaranteeing their own rates, not someone else's. And the claim also only applies to a lower rate found within the 48 hours after you make you deposit. If the rate changes 3 days after you book, it's tough luck (although in almost every case they will honor the rate if it is before final payment. )