Norwegian Cruise and recent Chicago weather

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I want to bring everyone's attention to a recent mishap I had to face from Norwegian Cruise Line. Their URL is: I booked a Bahamas cruise with my wife and son and his family (his wife and 2 year old son) for Feb 2nd 2015 to Feb 6th 2015. It was a 4 day cruise departing from Miami port and returning on Feb 6th. We were supposed to fly out from Chicago on Sun Feb 1st 2015. Due to extreme weather and snowstorm Linus our flights were cancelled and we couldn't fly out to Florida. I called them first thing in the morning on Feb 2nd when their customer service department opened and explained my situation. They said they cannot do anything and only refunded me the government taxes and port fees. I even suggested them to transfer me to the next cruise which was due to sail out on Feb 9th. It had the same fare what I paid for our cruise. I was even ready to pay the differences if there was any. The reason was that my son had already taken his time off from work and we still had the option by our airline to book a flight with the same fare anytime. We also had a rental car booked in Florida (all we had to do is to add a few more days to the rental period) and I had already paid for the parking spot near O'hare airport. But NCL failed to honor anything and cancelled my reservations refunding only the government taxes and port fees which is very minimal. I am a retired senior citizen and do not work so it was a huge blow to my budget. I couldn't even get to enjoy the cruise. I was hoping they would understand given how reputable their cruise line is. I am very disappointed with them.
Our reservations number are :
Waqar Syed
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Sep 22, 2014
Dear Waqar Syed

Being a fellow Chicagoan, I can empathize with you over our snow and weather conditions during the last week. As a Platinum Latitudes (highest level) frequent cruiser with NCL, I syampathize with your predicament.

I can only assume that you declined to purchase the Trip Cancellation Insurance when you booked the cruise. (You could have purchased it any time up to and including your final payment date.

If you had purchased the extra insurance (probably under $50 per person for your short cruise) you would have been entitled to a 75% credit towards a future cruise (including the one you wanted to rebook) For an additional flat rate of $50 a person you would have recieved a 90% credit towards the future cruise. I always purchase the insurance when I book a cruise.

Unfortunately, this has been a very expensive cruise planning lesson for you in terms of money, lost family vacation time and disappointment. I hope the bitter taste does not deter you from booking future cruises and you remember to pay for the extra insurance.

Jan 8, 2015
Well if the cruise line will not budge, then perhaps going to Miami and enjoying the beach may be an alternative adventure? i'm in Cleveland and there is no way I would stay in town if I had a choice and already with tickets to Miami.

Quick question, were the airline tikets part of a package deal with the cruise line, or purchased separate?
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Jan 6, 2015