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Jul 13, 2020
  1. What does OTA mean?
  2. What does AED mean?
1) Online Travel Agent
2) United Arab Emirates Dirham
Not sure why they are charging their fees in AED. Maybe their bank in in the United Arab Republic. This also means that the price you pay for a fee can differ from day to day as exchange rates vary.
To be clear, for all of my flights, I had only wanted extensions of the expiry dates on travel coupons issued at the time of cancellation.
I am have a feeling the airlines are planning on a decent percentage of people who hold credits , not using or not being able to use them.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
COMICMAN: I am have a feeling the airlines are planning on a decent percentage of people who hold credits , not using or not being able to use them.

I have far more than a feeling ... it's a good business plan for travel providers to conserve their cash. I have confidence that the legacy airlines will cooperate to make sure pax are given the opportunity to use their credits. But I don't think they'll be pro-active. As far as budget airlines, small hotels and online booking services ... they have little need for customer good will, so they'll be as uncooperative as possible. This is their business plan, and for them it's a wise one. Travellers need to accept reality. People who have never managed a business of any size seem to think that a big business has unlimited resources. This is not the case today. The first duty of a business is to stay solvent, quite a feat when you have little revenue combined with continuing overhead expenses. Our OP is dealing with a faceless online service. They don't have much motivation to communicate, and almost no motivation to hurry up. It's a real shame; every time I see a post dealing with an OTA, I feel badly before I even read it. I wish there was something we could do to help.
Oct 20, 2020
What I am requesting is suggestions for a path forward. I have written to the suggested Etraveli contacts and this has been unsuccessful, so what now?

As someone who does own a business, regardless of the circumstances you are facing your reputation is the only thing you have. If you lose that, you lose everything - not only current and future business, but investments. Aside from that, there is a need to act in good conscience. You have to look at yourself in the mirror every morning.

Neil Maley

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Dec 27, 2014
New York
Unfortunately, because you did not book directly with the airline, you have to work through Flight Centre. If you have gone through all of our executive contacts and have received no help, using the policy on post 2, complete another help request here, stating you followed the recommendations and have not received any assistance.

If the advocates think they can help, they will let you know,.
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