Nissan Altima Crash Malfunction

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May 4, 2018
This last Tuesday, May 1, I was the last party involved in a four-car pileup on a Dallas tollway and after two collision points going 65mph-0 in a matter of 15-20 yards, my airbags didn’t deploy. To save too much of a sob story, I’ve literally only had the car for four months after coming home from deployment in December. Now after the incident, the car is a total loss, I’ve sustained some injuries from the accident, which could also put a hold on my training with the military and cost me money. I’m blessed I walked away with just that, however that being said, unfortunately without any life threatening injuries it’s almost impossible to open a lawsuit with Nissan about the airbags not functioning properly. But being that it has to have been pure luck considering the state of my vehicle, how can I get to Nissan and get them to understand had I not been so lucky and the airbags not done their job, I may not be here still today.

Ultimately I'd like to get Nissan to understand that due to faulty product, my life was put at risk. I've done everything as far as confirming that the car has a clean CarFax so there's been nothing done to the vehicle other than routine maintenance work. Even more so from research into the functions of airbags showing that a "moderate to severe" crash being hitting a parked car at 16-28mph, which i was going 60 on a freeway. That and my make and model had nothing to do with the Takata recall, therefore there's absolutely no reason my airbags shouldn't have functioned properly. From pictures that I have showing substantial amounts of damage, enough for a 2015 Altima 3.5SL with less than 50k Miles to be considered a total loss, you can clearly see not a single one of the multiple airbags in the cabin had deployed. Im not out to sue the company for millions, but considering how the situation puts me upside down financially and in a position to buy a new vehicle with no base to start with (being that my lender will get most of if not all of my insurance payout), if Nissan would be willing to provide some sort of compensation. I know it sounds like a complete shot in the dark, but being a student and serving tables to barely get by doesn’t leave me with many options.


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Oct 2, 2014
@11bsbuol Airbags don't deploy in every accident. They have to see a certain G-Load in a specific direction before they do. Since its also a used car, there's also the chance that the prior owner deactivated the air bags, although the person that sold you the car should have told you. Short answer is that while you can ask, the odds are that Nissan isn't going to do anything for you.

Here's the website to report safety defects to the NTSB

Lucky for you its close to the end of the model year so you maybe able to find a good new car at an affordable rate with your military discount.
Jul 27, 2016
You've got a claim against Nissan if you can show (a) the airbags should have deployed, (b) they didn't deploy because of something that was Nissan's fault (i.e. not the fault of maintenance you had done at some point), and (c) you suffered a financial loss due to the accident which you would not have suffered had the airbags deployed. To get paid here, you're probably going to have to sue them. I would research personal injury attorneys and have a consultation or two.
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Feb 23, 2018
The car would have been to totaled whether the airbags deployed or not. I would think that Nissan would only have a liability if you sustained an injury that could have been prevented by the airbag.
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