New credit card security issue

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Apr 10, 2017
Mel, I am right with you. I don’t think this should be done- it should be up to the customer to go to the payers and give them the new card number for recurring payments.

I think I’d file a complaint with my State Banking Authority. What’s the point of reporting a missing or stolen card if they are going to put recurring charges through?
Perhaps others are more organized than I, but I find that I don't remember all the accounts where I've stored my CC info, hence having the CC company continue recurring payments is a convenience. Usually, I've then gotten an email telling me that the continuing payment was a one-time courtesy and that I need to change the info with the vendor.

Just the other day, I got an email from Citi that an online payment for the small sum of $7.05 from Walgreen's had been rejected. Since the charge was not mine, I was able via the Citi website to cancel my card and request a new one. The website even told me what the new account number is and the 3 digit verification code so that I could use it immediately. The next day, I got an email from Samsung Pay that Citi had reported the new number to them and that it was all set up. I found it all to be efficient and convenient and I did not feel that my security was jeopardized.
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Jan 20, 2015
NAPLES FL or Denver CO
Had same exact issue with Chase CC. It they told me that the first month auto payments would be honored but after that I would need to go to each vendor website and change the cc number/code to match the new card in order for the auto payments to continue.
It’s pretty easy to see which vendors have been set up in auto pay by just looking at your monthly statements.
In any case, I thought I had done the requisite changes but just this month (four months after the change to a new number) I got an email from XFINITY that my payment had been rejected. When I looked at my account on auto pay On their website, I could, sure enough, see that they still had the old cc number and code.
So, not ALL banks are providing the new info to the vendor upon providing a new a cc because of fraud, loss, etc.
People should be more careful about making these blanket statements.
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