New balance Loyalty rewards

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May 15, 2016
I have a New Balance Loyalty account. When I accumulate enough points, I can redeem them for a certificate towards a future purchase online or in-store. I have two rewards of $20 each on a minimum $50 purchase. When I go to the store, they can see my account online, but cannot see the rewards. They cannot take them off the email I received from New Balance confirming the awards. They say I have to call Corporate which maintains the reward program. When I call Corporate customer support , they tell me they can see my rewards, but have no control over how I can use them at a local store, as all local stores, even most of the "factory outlets" are locally privately owned. So the local store has washed their hands, telling me to call corporate, and corporate, surprisingly has told me it isn't their problem. (they did try to simulate the problem as I received email aborted test receipts from their main store at their corporate location). I looked to for contact information for New balance and could not find any. Any suggestions?

Carrie Livingston

Staff Member
Jan 6, 2015
St Louis
Please fill out the research request form located here and that will direct someone to research executive contacts. As a general rule, we don't mediate points cases. However if you fill out the form, the research department will try and find contacts for you. Then you can contact them and see if you can get this handled.

Are there any cases you don’t mediate?
Yes. Here’s a partial list:
  • Airfares that go up after selecting a flight option (caching).
  • Airline seat comfort issues, including in-flight entertainment systems that don’t work.
  • Any case involving legal action against a company or customer.
  • Asking a company to honor an obvious price error.
  • Car rental damage cases.
  • Cases submitted on behalf of a third party.
  • Compensation for delays that resulted in lost vacation or work days.
  • Getting a refund for a nonrefundable airline ticket or hotel room.
  • Missing or expired loyalty points.
  • Recently lost or misplaced luggage.
  • Visa/passport problems that led to denied boarding.
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