Need viking cruises to return money

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Jan 2, 2021
Cancelled our trip with Viking about 1 week before they cancelled trips. because of that timing we didnt get a full refund. Being there was a worldwide pandemic going on, and we didn't choose for this pandemic to interrup our vacation, we feel we should get a refund. We did get $4000 plus dollars returned but they kept $5000 plus US dollars. credit.
My husband and I both have suffered with this Virus. It has taken a toll on our health. We are both in later 70"s and travel will not be soon. Our Dr. sent a letter to viking stating so. We have the credit for a booking done by March of 2022. Not looking good for us booking any time soon. Plain and simple we would like our refund.
Any one else having this problem. Thanks, Judy

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Unfortunately, Viking has been very firm if you canceled before they canceled the cruise.

Christopher wrote an article about it and we have other posts here about the same issue.

We have several posts about this:



Jan 6, 2015
the United States
When travelers cancel before their travel providers do, vouchers and credits are standard issue with almost no exceptions.

According to your post, you have 15 months in which to book (not to travel). Unless your doctor has stated that you cannot travel anymore (at all), I do not think you will be able to obtain a refund . . .
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Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Did you book through a travel agent? If so, ask for their assistance in getting a refund. It is highly unlikely you will get one since you cancelled prior to Viking but you may as well have them try. If you did not work with a travel agent then you will have to appeal to the execs of the cruise line (you can find their email addresses here ). As you can see from @Neil Maley post, there are a number of customers who are in your same shoes. Wish we had better news for you.
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May 30, 2019
To prior posters: Anyone have knowledge of Viking allowing for the cruise credit to be transferred to friends / family? Is that an option for the OP?
May 21, 2020
near Charlotte, NC
To prior posters: Anyone have knowledge of Viking allowing for the cruise credit to be transferred to friends / family? Is that an option for the OP?
A cousin has a Viking 125% FCC that states it is transferable. (They offered it to us but I am not a cruise person.) But, unlike the OP, they had waited for Viking to cancel/suspend operations instead of cancelling first. It shouldn’t make a difference but it probably does.
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Jan 30, 2018
I am assuming that the OP's cruise was a European river cruise. Viking is beginning US river cruises (I believe in 2021) so perhaps one of those would be logistically easier for the them to take - less travel to/from the cruise, more familiar surroundings, proximity to medical care, etc. Would hate to see them lose that credit.

We love cruises - ocean or river - but any future cruises we take will only be river cruises in the USA.
Jan 14, 2021
Above Skippy said Viking would transfer cruise credits. I wanted to transfer a May 2021 cruise (second time rescheduled & on voucher) with $1500 on board cruise credits. These credits were provided r/t difficulties encountered during initial COVID reschedule. Been told as of 1214 by S.M. in customer relations, they will not transfer the cruise credits. I only want to move the cruise to May 2022 and have the on board credits transfer also. That's a tremendous amount of money to lose. Would like advice. Have emailed everyone with addresses on Internet. No on responds. I have documents for verification, just not uploaded. Thanks