Need thoughts on Damage to Glove Box

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Aug 30, 2017
Hey Everyone,

I guess I am in the same boat as many so let me quick give the over view.

Enterprise is saying they had to replace the glove box(~$500) of the BMW my wife and I rented for a weekend.

Here is what happened:

I picked the car up Friday night and during the inspection process the rep opened and close the clove box, but in doing so struggled a little. It seemed like something was slipping out, like a brochure or gloves so he pushed it back in and gave a little shove to close the glovebox. Its a glove box, who hasn't done that right. We sign off on everything and drive off. Saturday my wife goes to place something in the glove box when we parked somewhere but when she pulled the handle it seemed locked. I think "oh its locked, oh well" I'm driving so I cannot unlock it and really dont need to. On Sunday when I turn it in I let the lady know I think the glove box is locked and then wiz off to go catch my flight. Thinking nothing of this " I think the glove is locked" I continue with my merry life. Of course a letter comes in the mail while I am away on buisness that I see a week or so later. Call up enterprise and they treat me like dirt. They did send me the repair description with its cost ( ~$500 for a new glove box). late last week I get a email saying 10 days and then they will send to collections or sue. I have till the 3rd and am trying to decide on the best course of action. I did email them and tell them what happened and why they should reconsider( being polite about it of course) but I have not heard back yet. Should I send something to the executive? I do not want a collections notice on my credit. Please let me know your thoughts, I do not have much time left to act.


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Ah another case of pointing out a problem that you probably should t have mentioned but thought you were doing the right thing so they could repair it for future renters.

We have a thread to deal with this:

Write and tell them the employee who rented the car to you broke the box when he showed you how to use it and that you were simply reporting that he broke it when he showed it to you and it didn't work after and that you will not pay for this since you couldn't open it after the employee jammed it closed.

If that response doesn't get them to drop it then follow the info in the thread on how to fight this.