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Mar 20, 2019
hey i was wondering how i should go about this situation with enterprise. back in November i ran over a deer on the highway and it damaged the cars radiator, 2 months later i get an invoice saying i owe 2700 which seem a little high but because i didn’t use their insurance i’m like okay what are my repayment options. been having troubles getting into my email so i finally get into it today and have another invoice now saying i owe 10k i asked how did it shoot up that much from radiator damage? they responded and said they had to replace the engine all of a sudden a month later. how should i go about this?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
A month after they fixed the radiator they suddenly need to replace the engine? Did they rent out the car after the radiator was repaired?

Do you have your own car insurance? Many have coverage for rental cars that might cover the accident if you had collision coverage on your car

You need to start dealing with Corporate. Here are the Company Contacts:

And here is a post that tells you how to write and what to ask:
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Feb 28, 2019
Obviously, you must first confirm how they went from radiator to entire engine, which is totally possible if you drove the vehicle after the radiator was damaged. If they replaced the radiator and then a month later the engine failed, then its easy to start poking holes in their blame on you.

Hopefully your credit card has "car rental insurance", though it might only cover what your primary automobile insurance doesn't pay. Start with finding out if your own automobile insurance provides rental insurance and if your credit card (again, the one you use to rent it) has primary or secondary coverage (or neither).