Need advice on creditcard rental car claim

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Sep 19, 2017
Background: no1 was hurt, dmg was only my rental car, no police report was filed

So my CC has rental car coverage but for the claim, the CC company asked me for me personal auto insurance.

I dont even want my auto insurance company to know about this incident cuz that could drive up the premium.

if i have personal auto insurance, CC comes in as secondary coverage, if i dont, they come in as primary.

I dont want to involve my auto insurance company at all. How do i proceed ?
Apr 3, 2016
If the rules/coverage of the cc insurance is secondary to your personal auto insurance, then you are obligated to supply it to them if you want to use the cc insurance policy. To not do so would be probably considered fraud. If you do not want to use your personal insurance policy, then you probably cannot use the cc insurance. In this case, you would need to pay out of pocket. You will need to decide if the premium increase will cost more than the out of pocket costs.
Feb 9, 2016
This is what most people don't realize. Credit card car rental insurance only occurs after primary insurance has been enabled, and (from what I understand) only covers the money that you are out of pocket -- your deductible.

if you don't want your personal auto insurance company involved then you need to pay the claim out of pocket, but then your credit card coverage wont kick in.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
This is a little confusing because when they talk about "primary" coverage, the word primary is in quotes- which is odd.

I believe they may want to make sure you are not double dipping with your own car insurance by filing a claim. I only think that might be the case because of this in the agreement:

What is NOT Covered by MasterRental (Exclusions):

MasterRental insurance does not cover any loss or damages caused by or resulting from:

  1. any obligation the Insured Person assumes under any agreement, other than the deductible obligation under the Insured Person's personal automobile insurance Policy;
I think you should call and ask why they need that info- I think they may tell you to make sure you aren't paid twice for a claim.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
For what it's worth, Chase offers primary rental car coverage to Sapphire CCs. I had a small damage claim last year, and they wanted my personal auto insurance information from AAA. I thought it was odd, but just filled it all in. Nothing more was said about AAA and I had a check from Chase in a very short time.

If your Master Card doesn't offer primary coverage, you won't have any choice but to file with your personal insurance.