MSC has not shipped my found luggage to the US

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Jan 30, 2019
Our MSC cruise of the UAE ended on December 15, 2018, but none of our checked baggage was ever transferred to the Emirates flight that left early in the morning of December 16th. On February 6 we were finally emailed the “great news” that the luggage had been located (apparently still on board). The email included a link to pay Chargerback's Lost Item Return Service for shipment from Abu Dhabi to the US via FedEx.

I paid for shipment on February 6th and still have not received the luggage. I have contacted MSC customer service by phone or email at least once a week since. I received an email update on February 27th stating that FedEx had to reschedule the pickup in Abu Dhabi because additional documentation (a commercial invoice) from MSC was needed.

It is now entering the third month since this issue was initially reported and still no resolution.



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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I hope you're not being scammed somehow. How did you pay "MSC" for this so-called service? Shipping luggage inernationally must be extremely expensive. MSC didn't unite you with your luggage, MSC should solve the problem at their expense. This story just doesn't make any sense. Have you verified that FedX has your luggage now? I hope our Company Contacts can help you solve this very intriguing puzzle. Please keep us updated.
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Dec 12, 2014
That email you posted in the document did not come from MSC. Did you see the email address? It is from
Actually, the email is from which according to its website is partners with a number of airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc in handling lost luggage. Still doesn't make sense to make anyone other than the party that lost the luggage to pay for its return
Mar 15, 2018
I'm happy to see others are jumping in here to point out the absurdity of the traveler having to pay to ship their luggage that was lost by the cruise line. I just about dropped my teeth when I saw that.

I'm VERY curious how much they asked you to pay!

I'm also curious if MSC knows that you, personally, have been charged. In looking at the two documents you attached, the first one is from this Chargeback company, and it clearly is asking you to pay for it. The second one is an email directly from MSC customer service telling you that they found your luggage, and it seems they made attempts to ship it to you, but something went wrong. doesn't make a lot of sense. Here's what it says:

<blockquote>We previously scheduled for your bags to be picked up by FedEx. However, FedEx unable to pick up the bags, and they requested the pickup to be rescheduled. FedEx is requesting a Commercial Invoice. This document was provided at the time of the previously scheduled pick-up on February 26th. We are working with them to arrange a new pick up and to clarify what documents they are missing. Once we have confirmation from FedEx, we can proceed. We apologize for the continued delay with your luggage shipment, and we appreciated your continued patience in this matter. </blockquote>

HUH? It sounds like MSC is saying that they are working with FedEx, but there are some issues with documents. That shouldn't be your responsibility AT ALL. It also doesn't mention who's paying for it.

I hope you are able to get ahold of MSC and get your luggage shipped to you AT NO COST TO YOU. I'm sure there are some applicable laws with respect to this.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Exactly. It’s not acceptable that the company is trying to bill the OP- it should be billing MSC. Perhaps they sent the invoice to the OP in error
Didn't we have a case about an OP being billed by some travel provider in error … maybe 1.5-2 years ago? I think it concerned a cruise line. I just can't think of the details, but I know our OP got it all straightened out pretty quickly.
Jan 6, 2015
The answer(s) can be found in two places:
  • On the Contact Us page under What if My Luggage or Other Personal Effects Are Lost it states that "In the event of loss or damage to luggage or personal effects, a representative of MSC Cruises should be immediately notified. Otherwise insurance must be taken out with MSC Cruises." So it seems they want passengers to buy their insurance.
  • On the Contract of Carriage page under Passenger's luggage and Personal Property it states in paragraph 19.8 that "All luggage must be claimed upon arrival of the Cruise Ship at final port or it will be stored at Passenger risk and expense."
So that 's their policies. Also see this from way back in 2006 on Cruise Critic . . .