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Mar 12, 2019
My husband, Bernardo del Riesgo and I, Juana del Riesgo, had booked an 11 days/10nights cruise from Barcelona, Spain for February 22, 2019 to March 4, 2019 on the MSC Sinfonia, Statesroom 7040. He is 71 years old with a number of illnesses. He was giving me the last wish for a trip to Europe for a Mediterranean cruise. Our booking number was 2xxxxxxx. We are MSC Club Members: Silver card numbers 2xxxxxx and 2xxxxxx.

On Monday February 18, 2019 I had to call rescue because my husband was in bed and not responding. He was immediately taken to the emergency room at Kendall Regional Medical Center and went into the ICU section because of a blood infection, sepsis, acuteabdominal pain and acute cholecystitis. There were two stones blocking the passage to the kidney and to the gall bladder. On February 20, 2019 his stones were surgically removed. On March 23, 2019 surgery was performed and the gallbladder was removed. He is currently at home receiving therapy and with a slow recovery.

Cabin fare $1,176.10. I understand that since no insurance was taken we may be out of luck. But all we want is a credit for a future cruise in September 2019, not a refund. Maybe there is some way that would allow MSC the flexibility of providing that future credit for us. Or maybe you can use your magic wand to assist us in this matter.

I thank you for your consideration and pray for some good news.


/s/Juana del Riesgo for Bernardo del Riesgo and I.

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Jan 6, 2015
My condolences and best wishes for a speedy recovery . . .

You can reach out to MSC using the Company Contacts link at the top of this page (under the Cruise Line link).

Politely request an exception to their refund policy, and please keep us posted.
Mar 23, 2015
[QUOTE="My husband, Bernardo del Riesgo ... He is 71 years old with a number of illnesses. [/QUOTE]
I am not trying to be rude or cruel, but I am genuinely curious.... why a 71 year old with "a number of illnesses" would book a cruise and but not purchase insurance and then ask for the cruise line to give the benefit of insurance when the exact circumstance for which insurance exists strikes? I certainly hope your husband's health improves rapidly and he is able to travel in the Fall when you hope to travel again, but I am sincerely baffled that you think that since this isn't a "refund" that this isn't the same thing as needing insurance. Good Luck with the cruise line though. I do hope that they see their way clear to giving you a credit voucher for your changed dates.