Moving cars for rental companies - info?

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Sep 18, 2014
I'm looking for more info on rental car companies that need inventory moved from one location to another part of the US, and how one would find out about specifics on doing this. (An analogy might be "repositioning" cruises.) For example, some car rental companies need more inventory in Florida or other tourist destinations during certain high-demand times of the year.

Hubby started to look into this last year but he didn't keep the info. From what he remembers, you would drive a rental car to where it was needed for inventory, but have use of the car for a certain # of days before you would need to deliver it to the rental car company. You would then have to return home by some other means of transportation. I'm sure this also could work in reverse, if a company needs inventory moved to your "home" location.

Does the rental company pay for your one-way ticket? What fees are involved while you use the car? Are you reimbursed for any gas & travel expenses?

If anyone has info on this, I would appreciate knowing where to start. Thx.

Grant Ritchie

Dependable adequacy :-)
Oct 1, 2014
The Divine Ms. M, huh? I like it! :)

I'm one of Chris' assistants.

Boy, did I find some information for you. First, I searched the archives, and didn't find anything, so I Googled "rental car relocation." Cha-ching! Rather than pick and choose which websites to send you, I'm just going to provide a link to the Google page:

If you need more, at the bottom of the Google page are a number of links to related Google searches.

Hope this helps.