Millennials: The generation most likely to hire an agent

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Jul 10, 2013
Despite that most millenials are tech-savvy, they are the most likely to use a travel agent when it comes to travel planning.

"What’s more, agents who see their sales to millennials increasing say it is the generation that comprises by far the most knowledgeable consumers and that they turn to agents for curatorial assistance and to ensure they get the most bang for their buck.

According to MMGY Global’s 2014 Portrait of the American Traveler, 28% of millennials surveyed in February 2014 had used a travel agent in the previous 12 months, compared with 15% of Gen X consumers, 13% of baby boomers and 21% of matures."
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Jan 5, 2015
I've used a travel agent when I have complex requirements or when the goverment sends me places and I have no choice but to book through an agent. The private ones I've used were outstanding.

The government ones were a mixed bag. Most don't lift a finger beyond the beyond the bare minimum, nor will they book anything other than airlines for the rank and file, even when we're entitled to it and even when we ask. To be honest I have had better government travel experiences when I booked directly with the airline, hotel, rental car agency, etc myself. I'm pretty sure the brass get better service or else the contracted travel agencies would be long gone.

I'm in Gen X so am according to the statistics one of the least likely to use an agent.
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