Milano card: non receipt of paid tour

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Feb 11, 2015
I purchased the "TraMilano Hop On Hop Off tour with Last Supper" through Milano Card for 4 people on March 6, 2014 for a family vacation in Italy. The total cost came out to 100 euro (which was $141.89 US). At the time of purchase, I was able to select the day and time for our visit.

While the payment was deducted, I never received my tickets. After a month of no contact, I e-mailed the company about my tickets and they told me the tickets were no longer available and they could not honor my reservation. They promised me a refund since they could not fulfill our tickets during my stay.

What resulted is months of back and forth with the company that alternates between long delays and ignoring me to saying a refund is on its way. I have e-mailed them multiple times, without success. I thought there might be a language barrier and when I was in Milan I asked the concierge at the hotel to call. He told me he was told the refund was going to happen. Still nothing. I even asked about my situation on their Facebook page a few months ago and they 1. told me that they coordinate with an outside company and to 2. private message them. I private messaged them and have not received a response yet. It doesn't make any difference to me that they coordinate with an outside company and it's not a valid excuse to not reimbursing me. At this point I don't know what else to do.

I am so incredibly annoyed by this company and I want the cost in US that I paid. I've attached the e-mail conversation with them. What other steps should I take?




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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I agree with VoR ... contact your bank. The credit card chargeback is a little used tool. I've probably requested this from American Express 6 times in 30 years and each has been successful. A chargeback is only good for obvious, documented situations such as yours, where you've done everything possible to correct the situation. It is a wonderful thing to see the credit appear on your statement and know that you prevaiiled over a dishonest vendor. I have also threatened a full chargeback when I could not get a vendor to correct an inaccurate charge, such as "If you don't remove this bogus charge for garage parking from my statement, I will dispute the entire hotel bill and you can deal with AmEx".
Jan 8, 2015
You might also want to contact the European Commission about the purchase as you actually might have some recourse through the law. if you look here, it offers a brief description of your rights when purchasing on line. (note the wine example, and assuming the cards were purchased on line)
The actual code of rights can be found here
There are also offices in each country you can contact, with these being the ones for Italy
Don't know if they speak english or if you will have to find a friend or relative that does in order to assist you.

Similar parts of the law apply if purchasing the goods in person. Perhaps a complaint to the local office of the EU commission might yield a positive result?