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Mar 5, 2019
I live in Mazatlan, Mexico. I traveled to Philadelphia to assist my cousin who was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. We arrived in Haddon Township from the Philadelphia International Airport with 5 bags. I unloaded 2 large bags in the trunk and the driver unloaded the bags in the back seat. The driver's seat was reclined almost to the point of touching the back seat. It was dark and my primary concern was and is the health and well-being of my cousin. At the airport, the driver placed my messenger bag behind the reclined driver's seat. We went inside quickly to get out of the rain. Due to the health emergency, we were dealing with, I did not notice the missing messenger bag until after the driver left. The app gives you a phone number to call the driver should something like this occur. I left a detailed message and the driver never answered my phone message. I was directed to the Philadelphia Parking Authority by my cousin. Matt Black from the Philadelphia Parking Authority called me and we discussed my missing bag and its contents. Prior to that, I called the number listed for Lyft. It is an automated number. It is absolutely impossible to speak to a human being. Further, they do have an e-mail address listed on their app. That also proved to be of no use. Apparently, Lyft does not monitor their email traffic as I have heard not a solitary word from Lyft despite numerous attempts on my part to resolve this.

Since I am traveling internationally, I had to prepare for an absence of an indeterminate length of time. This also included, by necessity, my prescribed medications, my tablet, headphones- not to mention the $5500 in Mexican Pesos and my titanium prescription glasses. All totaled: yes I do have a verified inventory, I am out a little over $1000.00. That is US dollars. My question to the management of Lyft: is it your intention to prey on unsuspecting customers during a time of extreme stress and grief? Why is it that you do not answer emails sent to your listed email address on your website? Why do you not have a phone number that works and problems like this can be resolved quickly? Or is this all by design? Lyft: really? Is this the best you can do?

Charles T Edward s

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Jan 6, 2015
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