Luxury Florida Rentals - Horrendous Christmas Rental

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Jan 7, 2020
What does your rental agreement say about refunds if there are problems?

I am quite shocked that there were no poor reviews of the rental if it was that bad. I hope you will leave an appropriate review when this is over.

There are also many hotels in the Orlando area that have apartment type units available to rent.

This home rental fad is not regulated in the US. There is no guarantee of what you will getting, that homes will even be legal and up to code to rent.Unfortunately you found out the hard way. If you had booked through Airbnb they have more pull with a landlord then the management company- who only get paid when these are rented out.

You might also want to consider filing a complaint with the Orlando BBB.
Now I have found Orlando BBB (from the helpful people on this forum) I most definitely will file a complaint and you are right we found out the hard way - however I will take a huge lesson from this experience and ensure I don’t ever put my family in this position again! It’s my day off today so I am going through all of my paperwork with a magnifying glass to ensure I have exhausted every avenue. One of the first things I spotted was that “No Animals” are permitted in the house - so unsure how animal hair and fleas made it upstairs into the bedrooms!
Jan 11, 2019
Did you buy a new vacuum cleaner because you stated that you had to vacuum (hoover) several times but you said earlier that the Hoover (vacuum cleaner) was broken and not useable? I would mostly focus on the flea problem. Vacuuming doesn't get rid of fleas by the way. You can buy flea spray for the house anywhere and it would have been better than nothing until you could leave. But as Judge Judy loves to say, "you ate the steak, you pay for it."
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Jan 7, 2020
keeping you all up to date, I sent an email to Nick after all of your advice see below:

Without Prejudice

Good morning Nick,

Further to my previous email, which to date seems to have been ignored!

Once again we formally ask that you supply contact details for a responsible company officer and full name and contact details of the company.

Can you please also advise if the 2 offers that have been made are in your (the company’s) view a final offer?
As you are aware this was an extremely important and emotional break for our family and I do not think you understand the gravity of the situation that culminated with the news of a flea infestation on our penultimate night!

Please be advised that if we have not received a response within 7 days from today’s date we may be seeking external advice and escalate this issue.


And I’ve just had a reply:

Hi Clare,

Thank you for your email. I have spoken with the owner of our company and we can offer you 50% off the rental for the stay. That would be a total of $3466.03.

Best Wishes,

Luxury Florida Rentals

What do you all think?
Jul 30, 2018
Agree, take it and run fast! I’m extremely surprised they are willing to refund this much money and very suspicious and will believe it when I see it in your account.
Yep! 50% refund seems reasonable since you stayed in and used the rental for all but 1 night. I get the impression this will be the final offer from the owner.

Kudos to a great self-advocacy effort! The Elliot method really works!