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Aug 15, 2018

The last time I flew to Europe I flew on Lufthansa, First Class. The experience was beyond all expectations. Since then I have told many people of the experience and was committed to flying only Lufthansa internationally regardless of making the trip 2 segments as opposed to one.
I don't know if you can track how many times I've attempted to book my next trip on the website but since last week it has to be more than 20 times. Each time the fare quote was $5,388.75 for first class. With each attempt I would get various error messages, all of which I have written down. Yesterday, 13Aug2018 I contacted Technical Support. They verified that there was a problem with the system and supplied me with a code to waive the booking fee when I called reservations.

Upon calling reservations I received a quote of $5,705.00 per person. I explained the problem and was told there was nothing to be done and perhaps I should attempt to travel on days when the fare may be less. I was also told that I should attempt using the website on a microsoft computer.

This morning I contacted my travel agent asking that she book the trip expecting the same fare to be quoted. She too had been quoted this fare through a consolidator she does business with. She returned the call saying that the fare had doubled. I was dumbfounded.
I called reservations directly and asked to speak with a manager, who I was connected with. He verified the fact that the website was once again incorrect because there could not be such a big difference. His system quoted a fare over $6,000.00. He then told me he would try using the website. He did show that there was a fare in the vicinity of $6,000.00. He was checking further when we were disconnected. I did provide my mobile number in the event this happened. It has been a few hours and I have not been contacted by him.

So, I got into the computer this morning, Aug. 15, and thought I’d see what today’s fare was. At 1140EDT the fare was $5,386.13 per person or $10,772.26 for the 2 of us. I continued with the reservation making timed copies of each page.
Itinerary was as follows:
Flight 1, Friday May 17, 2019 LH423 BOS-FRA First (A)
Seats 1AK
Flight 2, Saturday May 18, 2019 LH1028 FRA-CDG Business (Z)
Seats 3AC
Flight 3, Monday May 27, 2019 LH1061 NCE-FRA Business (Z)
Seats 4DF
Flight 4, Tuesday May 28, 2019 LH422 FRA-BOS First (A)
Seats 1AK
Filled in passenger names, etc. When pressed to continue I received the generic error in red of:
Before you can continue, please check the following:
x Unfortunately, we cannot process your request at the moment. Please start a new search or
contact the Lufthansa Service Center. (4002-D)
x There was an issue during the reset of your shopping basket. Please close your window and
start again. (26135)

So, I called reservations and talked with Nikita. I explained briefly my saga, having tried numerous times, tech. support who gave us a res fee waiver number since they could not book on the web page, etc. She put me on hold for an extended time which was fine. She came back and said she was told there is a problem with booking on the web and they are not sure when it will be resolved and she was told to assist me. I gave her the whole itinerary and she came back with a fare of $13,872.76. I said here we go again. I gave her the fare quoted on the web, she said fares can change quickly. I said I’d have this fare if it would have allowed me to book it. I said the BOS-FRA-BOS was A fare First and the inter-Europe was Z fare Business. She said the Z fare was not available, just J to which I said I have it printed out right in front of me. I said we were going on a River Cruise and specifically chose Lufthansa due to their superior premium service but what I’m receiving is what I’d expect from United or American. I said I’m now so frustrated I’d just as soon cancel the whole trip. There are people we are traveling with that booked Lufthansa Business because of us. We are staying an extra night at the end of the trip in FRA in order to experience the F/C terminal and F/C service FRA-BOS. We could have made it home all in one day but your late FRA-BOS no longer offers F/C. Anyway, she told me to contact customer relations which I said we did yesterday with no response yet. She said to give it until tomorrow, and resend or resend today. To keep this scenario shorter, she sensed I was not happy and have just spent another 37 min., 14 sec. on a call which did not resolve the issue. In all honesty, I said maybe I’d be better driving somewhere in the US than trying to fly LH F/C and spending that amount of time and money in the EU. I also said why have a website if you can’t use it and the fares stated are not honored? Nowhere did it say at the beginning of the website that you are having any web problems.
So, I await your response to see if we can resolve my problem.

ps I just talked with a neighbor who takes an annual ATH trip from BOS for board meetings. Thanks to us, she upgraded to Lufthansa First this year and loved the experience. I asked her if she booked her trip on the website or through your reservations department. She said she was unable to book through the website as she could get to a point when the error message came up. She called tech support and then res who did not charge her the booking fee. AND, they honored the fare in the web site that she found. Trip booked in May, I believe.

pss Finally, I just got into the website again, put in the above mentioned itinerary, same seats, etc. and the same $5,386.13 per person or $10,772.26 fare for the 2 of us was available. This is on time stamped copies from 1337 to 1341 this afternoon.

Given this situation I would expect that you could accommodate me with the fare of $5,388.75 which would have been booked last week, as well as today, if the website had worked properly for me.
Jul 27, 2016
I see those flights at $6179 each. See below, from ita matrix. Doesn't look like Z is available on the FRA-CDG leg, so it's J for that - that could be where the Lufthansa website is having problems. This itinerary seems to be bookable at Priceline (find the flights at, then use to book them), or any brick and mortar travel agent with the fare construction at the bottom of the cut and paste.

Provide this information to a travel agent to help them match the fares found.
Make sure to provide the exact booking and fare codes shown.
Fare for 2 adults
Fare 1: Carrier LH A7NC90E BOS to PAR (rules)
Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code A, J
Covers BOS-FRA (First), FRA-CDG (Business)​
Fare 2: Carrier LH ZX6RC90E NCE to BOS (rules)
Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code Z, A
Covers NCE-FRA (Business), FRA-BOS (First)​
Germany Airport Security Charge (DE)
Germany Passenger Service Charge International Departure (RA)
LH YQ surcharge (YQ)
LH YR surcharge (YR)
US International Departure Tax (US)
US September 11th Security Fee (AY)
US Passenger Facility Charge (XF)
United States Immigration User Fee (XY)
United States Customs User Fee (YC)
United States APHIS Passenger Fee Passengers (XA)
France Passenger Service Charge International (QX)
France Civil Aviation Tax Domestic And International (FR)
France Air Passenger Solidarity Tax (IZ)
Subtotal per passenger
Number of passengers
Subtotal For 2 adults
  • This ticket is non-refundable.
  • Changes to this ticket will incur a penalty fee.

Fare Construction (can be useful to travel agents)
BOS LH X/FRA LH PAR 2711.00A7NC90E /-NCE LH X/FRA LH BOS 2219.00ZX6RC90E NUC 4930.00 END ROE 1.00 XT 5.65YC 7.00XY 3.96XA 36.60US 5.60AY 20.60DE 62.30RA 18.30FR 51.40IZ 9.50QX 1006.00YQ 17.50YR 4.50XF BOS4.50
Sep 19, 2015
I was just able to price it out at $5,372.02 taking LH 1026 from FRA to CDG instead. Have you thought of taking a different FRA to CDG flight if Z is not available.

Have you tried booking on a mobile site?

Have you considered using the services of a real travel agent? (not an online booking)
Aug 15, 2018
Company you have a question or comment about: Lufthansa

Since Aug 2, 2018 website quotes me a per person ticket price of $5,386.79 in FC. At the end prior to paying the site displays an error code of 4002-0, which I'm told is a "well known" error and must be booked through reservations. I'm provided with a code to waive the on line booking fee of $20.00. Reservations will not match the web fare even though it is a problem on their site.
How can you do business like this?
It's like attempting to purchase an item marked $100 but the register shows the price is $200, and the company is saying it's a computer error and nothing can be done. Really?

What's your desired resolution? I would like the two round trip tickets at the price the website has quoted since Aug 4, 2018, $5,386.79 X 2= $11,473.79

What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 11473.00

Date of transaction/travel date: 05/17/2019
Aug 15, 2018
This is the same problem that you wrote of earlier.

Did you try any of the suggestions? I was able to get the price using a different FRA to CDG flight.

If the website has a glitch and the fare is not available for one of the flights, it is not available. Why not try another FRA to CDG flight?
We had friends book these flights in BC on our recommendation. I was told that Lufthansa does not match their website fare which can be hundreds cheaper.Meanwhile another friend had the same difficulty and res extended the web price. The web fare has shown available since August 4, 2018 when I first checked. Shouldn't they remove a fare if it's not available?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We had friends book these flights in BC on our recommendation. I was told that Lufthansa does not match their website fare which can be hundreds cheaper.Meanwhile another friend had the same difficulty and res extended the web price. The web fare has shown available since August 4, 2018 when I first checked. Shouldn't they remove a fare if it's not available?
Fares can be available one minute and gone the next. That could also be why you can’t book it- by the time you get to the end that rate can be gone.