Lowes Install Fiasco

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Jan 29, 2019
Is there a place on the forum where I can locate the executives for Lowes that I can contact about an ongoing installation problem?

We ordered/paid for laundry room cabinets in October.
The cabinets arrived a week before Thanksgiving in November.
We contacted Lowes right a way and were told that we were put on a list for the installer. We never heard from the installer. We then inquired with the customer service associate that sold them to us and came out with the installer to measure before the order.
She apologized for the delay and again said that she was contacting the installer.
My husband went to Lowes in December to talk to the customer service associate again. She was surprised that they hadn't been installed yet and said that she would contact the installer right a way.
In January, we received an email from the cabinet maker to fill out information about our cabinets to keep the warranty valid.
We again contacted the customer service associate and the manager to let them know that the boxes were still in our garage and to ensure that the warranty would still be valid if there was a problem.
The manager called us two weeks ago to see if the installer had contacted us. Again, we said that we had not been contacted. Later that day the contractor called and scheduled the install for today 1/29/19. He was a no show. I need help in who to contact to get this resolved. Thank you!


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is just awful. While you're following Neil's list of execs via email, I would visit the store mid-morning during a weekday and track down the highest level manager at the store. It may take more than one visit. Once you've found someone to talk with, be very polite and appreciative ... just ask for his or her help. Tell him/her that you really want the cabinets installed and don't want to return them or file a dispute with your credit card ... but you just don't know what to do. The associate you've been dealing with is obviously useless. Once you report a problem, the store should monitor the situation to be sure you're taken care of. I don't think the guys who run the store would be very happy to hear your story.
Apr 10, 2017
It's been a while since the last post in this thread, but I wanted to add that I had an issue recently with a Lowe's clothes dryer delivery. One email to the first name on Elliott's list of Lowe's contacts and I was almost immediately contacted by their Executive Resolutions department and the problem was resolved. I hope that it worked for you, too.
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Jan 29, 2019
Thank you. Our installation was finally resolved and the owner of the install company came out and completed the job. We are not completely out of the woods yet, with two cabinet doors that need to be replaced. However we are happy the install is complete.