Lowe's Horror Story

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May 29, 2018
Ordered 2 entryway doors and 2 screen doors with installation on 9/16/2017. The front entryway door had a crooked glass insert, Lowe's tried 8 times to get the correct replacement. Finally got it right the 9th time on 5/3/2018, got the door reimbursed ($671) and $150 credit from Lowe's and $100 from the door manufacturer. I'm not satisfied with that because of the trouble I was put through with the Lowe's customer service and having to take time off from work each time the door was rescheduled to be installed. Can anybody help with this matter?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You got a free door plus some. I’m not sure you can do much better then that but you are free to use our contacts to try.

We have company contacts on top of our page;


Read the information on the cover page about exactly how to write and then start your campaign.

Good luck and let us know how you make out. But keep in mind one thing- if you over reach you risk the company retracting what they offered you so keep that in mind if you decide to write.
May 29, 2018
Am I to understand that they gave you back your money for the door plus you have $250 credits from Lowe's and the manufacturer? What more compensation do you have in mind?
More than that for the 8 times I had to rearrange my schedule with both work/home life. Lowe's wasn't going to give me anything back and told me I would have to contact the manufacturer.


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Jan 20, 2015
My husband had an issue with manager at our local Lowe’s and used the website page to ‘Contact’ them and got a speeedy resolution.
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Dec 11, 2016
May I ask, why did it take so many times to get the installation right? Was Lowes ordering the wrong part, or did something about the manufacturer's listing not match what what was claimed? This matters, because it may tip the scale on who is ultimately responsible for this recurring problem (the manufacturer vs Lowes). I honestly can't imagine dealing with this so many times, and I'm a bit surprised that Lowes continued to make attempts instead of just refunding your money, and admitting either the manufacturer, or their contractors couldn't handle the job.

Other than the time spent, which I realize was an incredible inconvenience, were you damaged in any way? For example, was there damage done to your home during installation? You have already been given free products and credit valued over $900, and are saying that isn't enough. Assuming each visit lasted 2 to 3 hours, that means you were reimbursed $30-$50 per hour for your time.

Regardless of whether you pursue Lowes or the manufacturer for further reimbursement, it will help if you tell them specifically what you want as reimbursement.
Mar 23, 2015
I think Lowe's and the manufacturer were quite generous here. It doesn't sound like they made appts. and didn't show up, but that they consistently TRIED to fix the issue. Lowe's has no control over the manufacturing of the door and whether or not the piece would fit--they were just trying to make it work, right? Even you say Lowe's TRIED 9 times to get the correct replacement. Not sure what you're blaming them for. Seems you got a resolution that was more than fair!
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Sep 27, 2017
I purchased a Lowe's door and fence, both with install, earlier this year. Lowe's screwed up bad with my door -- I ran into three reschedules on the door installation due to both inaccurate measurements by Lowe's subcontractors and also poor communications between the subcontractors and the store. The last re-measure indicated my door would actually have to be custom-made at the factory due to a non-standard size issue. So after a month of false starts while waiting for the install, I found out the I'd need to purchase a custom-fitted door at a price increase of a few hundred dollars.

My Lowe's local store was professional during this fiasco. Ultimately, they ate both the installation cost as well as the price difference between the original stock door and the custom one, and also put in the order for the custom door as a rush order with the manufacturer, paying for the 'rush' manufacture also. The local store seemed to be sincerely concerned with their SNAFU, and I was happy with the resolution.

(FWIW, the fence install was flawless).
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