Losts cameras

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May 8, 2018
On April 24th we flew from Dublin to JFK airport and my camera bag with 3 cameras were left on the plane. In July I lost my husband and went to Dublin for his cousins wedding whom never met our children. We have so many memories with my husband on those cameras along with the new ones made in Ireland with his family. If anyone finds our bag please I beg of you to return it to us. Our heart broke the day my husband was taken from us and broke even more when we lost all our memories with him that can no long be made or replaced my kids and i are heart broken please please help us find those cameras thanks for your help in advance


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I am sorry for your loss, Donna. Did you mean to send this letter to the airline? It's important that you follow up quickly with a loss of this magnitude. Please let us know what you have done so far to retreive the cameras. We can guide you from there.
Aug 9, 2017
Too late now for the OP, but one of the things I used to do in 35mm film days was carry a handkerchief in my camera bag that had my name, address, etc. The first frame I took on the film was that handkerchief. If I lost a roll of film while processing, which happened a few times, I generally got it back because of that 1st picture. I admit, we are talking the days of sending Kodachrome off to Kodak, however, I've extended that same technique to the memory cards used in digital cameras. I still take a picture of that handkerchief.