Long Term Disability CIGNA Regulatory Settlement Agreement

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Jan 15, 2019
I'm thankful to God! I sustained wrongful termination, disability discrimination, retaliation, civil law, and employment law violations. I endured permanent injuries after being rear-ended by my own colleague while stopped at a red light, awaiting it turn green.
I was in route to further my employer's business & CEO's mission to support kids in our community after school. I was meeting a manager to tutor kids in English, Math, and Spelling. I logged those volunteer hours into our employer's patriotism website. Our CEO sent memos to every employee in our company stating it is each employee's responsibility to provide 1k hours a year to community service. It was a government contactor employer. I immediately reported the accident to the manager I was meeting to tutor the kids. He never filed the accident report or stood up to protect me in court, in fact, he actually lied on the worker's compensation witness stand and other employees submitted written statements perjuring themselves on behalf of my employer.

The auto accident is the reason I requested long term disability benefits. I had paid for the insurance each week out of my pay check. My claim was in pending status when I was under doctor's care and I was terminated 6 days after surgery. I received an email from the medical dept nurse of my employer stating my leave was approved, but I was adminstratively terminated for being absent from work. CIGNA, the ins company continued to deny my claim, I was denied unemployment and my special accident ins I had purchased thru my employer, and I had no medical insurance to complete the necessary post-surgery therapy. And CIGNA continued to deny my claim, until I found an attorney in another state to litigate my claim.

I only received less than $10K from my colleague that injured me. The remainder went to medical liens and $27K went to the personal injury attorney, yet he would not file a worker's compensation claim on my behalf?? That lawfirm claimed they didn't know my colleague's address to serve her and my HR Director protected my colleague from being served at work??

The policy stated I'm entitled to 60% of any loss salary if ever disabled, through the age of 65 or no longer disabled, yet the attorney that litigated it told me I was only to be paid two years, even with chronic pain and permanent injuries.

So, CIGNA & the unethical attorney claims I settled, but 1) I was not aware of all the benefits due me, 2) I was taking so much pain medication, I could barely function and make normal person decisions. 3) I also had the personal injury and wrongful termination claims in the state I resided. 4) My employer's attorneys used the same paperwork from Cigna to say I wasn't entitled to unemployment, worker's compensation, or any employment law benefits I am actually entitled to. 5) I received less than 1 year's salary, yet I've spent $60+k in medicals, $65k in legal costs, and it was actually a work-related injury that caused me disability. 6) The unethical attorney took $27.6K of my funds when CIGNA was to pay all legal fees. 7) I mailed an affidavit to protect all my other valid claims to the unethical attorney certified mail, with return receipt requested. 8) I reported the attorney to the state bar for violating client attorney laws, but they have done nothing to help me. I called other attorney firms and pretty much, I continue to hear the same issues from other attorneys and clients that have hired him. 9) Why was the claim filed in a state I don't reside or where the accident happened?

I've requested help from Cigna since 2012, as their wrongful denial of my claim forced me to have to litigate and get caught up in a nasty legal web. They are holding on tight to that release, even though the have seen the extra affidavits the attorney never filed. They all want me to go away! Dept of Labor and EEOC are also governmental employment agencies who have done nothing to protect injured & terminated employees, knowing this is employment law violations and retaliation for writing and calling my senators, congressman, etc.. to report how a human being is being screwed without a condom over and over and over again by broken systems. I was finally sent a letter from DOL stating ask the judge to make CIGNA reinstate my claim. Yes, he can, but why not enforce the order as Employee Benefit Security Adminstration. In my opinion, I'm a surviving veteran, injured in the line of duty, yet I'm a minority female.

In 2013, CIGNA was sued in court by the NAIC (national association of insurance commissioners). The name of the lawsuit is the CIGNA regulatory settlement agreement. Therein, CIGNA was fined over $1.675M, and ordered to set aside $77M to remediate all claims closed within 2 years and opened between 2009 and 2010 due to unfair Insurance claim settlement practice violations and misapplication of medical diagnosis. Yet, CIGNA is stating it's over, but the agreement states that no prior order or legal suit can be used as a waiver to remediate their poor claims processing practices.

CIGNA is still denying to reinstate my claim and give me the benefits my policy says I should've received. They have even denied to pay me the attorney fees taken from their own claim. 49 states within our United States signed the regulatory settlement agreement stating they would stand with their local citizens, so this should be a class action lawsuit. I am baffled that insurance companies take money every week, but deny clients when they really need help.

There's a 30 day rescission law that says clients can cancel a long term disability settlement and I did it within that timeframe. I reported these issues to the State Bar, my dept of insurance commissioner, my employer's homeoffice state's insurance commissioner since 2012 to protect and receive restitution of all of my rights.
Because of all of the mistakes made, the paperwork should be thrown out of court docket and burned up!
Another colleague was been done this exact same way. We're both minority females....... who alleged sexual harassment at work.

I'm not mad at anyone and I'm not suit-happy. The issue is: several broken world systems really, really suck.......
CIGNA filed a cease & desist for me to shut up and go away. And I will, when I get my proper restitution! I havent' been made whole. I didn't ask to be struck from behind, live in chronic pain for 8+ years, paying co-pays out of an already reduced income, and spend more in medical treatments than I've received monetarily. I'm not a suit-happy person.
Oh yea... My policy said I was to remain an disabled employee with full benefits versus being on Medicare, but that entitlement didn't happen, either.

Has anyone else been thru this?
Any suggestions?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You need to hire an attorney ASAP. Contact your local bar association for a referral, they’d are many law firms that specialize in disability cases. If you have a case they will take it and many don’t charge fees unless they win your case.

We don’t deal with legal issues here.

I’m going to close this for further comments.
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