Locked out of Budget Truck Rental, claim sent to collections

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Jan 3, 2018
Hi All,

When renting a budget truck in October of 2016, I unlocked the door, places the keys inside, closed the door and went to the back of the truck. When I went back to the cabin the door was locked with the keys inside. This was because of a faulty lock mechanism which did not stay unlocked when the door was closed. I showed this faulty mechanism to a budget employee at the location where I returned my truck rental. I do not have any photographic proof of this but my dad was a witness to this faulty lock. Because of this issue I required roadside assistance which was billed to Budget. They then tried to make a claim for this bill to me. When calling budget for roadside assistance I was under the assumption that budget had me covered for roadside assistance based on the insurance package I had selected with them and the budget employee I talked with when renting the truck. After receiving the claim, I sent an email in response but never heard back and had this claim sent straight to a collections agency. I have only received one letter from this collections agency, which I lost, and have not heard from Budget or this collections agency ever since. I am concerned, of course, that this collection could end up hurting my credit score. I have tried calling budget collections (1800-504-0268) and left them several messages but have never heard back from them.

Please see below the email I sent in response to the claim. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Email to chrystella.owens@sedgwickcms.com:

"Hi Chrystella,

I am responding in regards to claim number 168061243. Please see the two below items:

1. Upon my budget truck rental, I had signed up for full coverage, including road side assistance. Upon arriving at the dispatching dealer, Moving Chicago LLC, on 10/26/2016, they instructed me to select a cheaper coverage package, claiming that I would be covered for everything I needed. They did not clearly communicate to me that this did not include roadside assistance, and had they done so, I would of made sure I selected a coverage package that did.

2. When moving out of my apartment on 10/27/2016, I unlocked the passenger door of the truck, placed some items as well as the keys to the truck on the passenger seat temporarily, and closed the door to check on the back of the truck. When I arrived back to the passenger door, the door was locked and my keys were locked inside (much to my surprise, as I expected the door to remain unlocked once I had closed it). After getting my keys from inside the truck from roadside assistance and upon closer inspection, I observed this was a result from a faulty door mechanism in the truck's passenger door, where after unlocking the passenger door, and then taking out the key, the passenger door would fail to remain unlocked. The driver side door's locking mechanism, however, was working successfully. Once I dropped off my truck to the destination dealer, Budget of Glen Burnie, on 10/29/2016, I communicated this issue to two separate staff members and was with one staff member as they observed this broken mechanism on the truck. The staff at Budget of Glen Burnie should have reported this issue as I reported this faulty mechanism to their staff multiple times and showed it to them , as my father can attest to, who also witnessed this faulty mechanism.

Due to the above, I am disagreement with this claim as my intention was to select rental coverage that included roadside assistance but was misled in selecting another coverage package, and the cause of this claim was faulty budget equipment. Thank you.

- Jimmy "

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You are saying you didn’t hear anything from rhem and sent an email about it? You might have woken up a sleeping dog.

Did you check your credit report to see if they posted anything negative?

Unfortunately, if they never emailed you a letter (or snail mailed one) there is likely no open case. So sending that letter when there may not even be a claim is kind of useless plus they can’t do anything if there is no open case.

If you have not received a case number- there is no case.
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Jan 3, 2018
Thanks Neil. I did receive a claim number. And I have not receive anything negative on my credit reports. I mean, it is possible something got lost in the mail? I'm just concerned that there is a collection agency out there sitting on this collection and it could one day hurt me.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
My first reaction is you have no problem and are trying to create one for yourself. Someone probably reviewed your situation and dropped the claim.

Please let us have the following dates: date rental returned, date notified of 'claim', date you responded, last date you heard from them. If there is indeed a big bad collection monster out there, he would have let you know by now ... that's why my request for dates.
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