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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Part of the issue of grasping all this is that we are dealing with Staycar on tix purchased by a grandaughter and issued in the parents' names. Throw in the online booking service and it all becomes pretty murky. An OBS is merely an "order taker" so when someone contacts them about an issue, they'll just rattle off whatever they want to say to get the caller off the phone. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this OBS does charge more for tix purchased with a credit. I don't even want to ask if the names on the tix are exactly the same as the names on their IDs. Such a lovely gesture by the grandaughter and so difficult to sort it all out.
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Mar 22, 2018
Update: I have called United Airlines and it seems that our travel credit is not with them, but with Justfly.com. I am still running into the same issues, so I have sent an email to the Director of Quality Assurance for Justfly, so I will wait and see if we can get a resolution. Thank you everyone for your input, it is much appreciated.