Justfly cancels my whole family’s ticket without our authorization instead of cancelling just my mother’s ( who just passed away)did not call airline

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Nov 7, 2018
Jewel1 said
This is my first time here. I just lost my mom a few weeks ago. It was very unforeseen and unfortunate as we booked a family holiday to the Philippines for the holidays because I just had my first baby. We booked it last April. When Mom passed last Oct 12, my husband contacted justfly to ask for procedure for a refund for my moms ticket. They instructed him to go to their website and all that we need to do is scan and email her death certificate. A few days after we followed up to them and said to wait and just continue checking in. The following day around 2:30 am we received an email form Justfly to call them about a sensitive matter. They said I need proof of relationship- I said my name and relationship was on the death certificate because I was the one who released her form the hospital to the mortuary. They said the airline ( Asiana) needs my marriage certificate, my birth certificate, my moms marriage certificate and my daughters birth certificate. I repeatedly told the representative who’s name was Barbara , and another person in the background laughing, how come they need all this information when we are only cancelling my moms ticket for obvious reasons. She confirmed that the airline told them that they need those documents. We emailed all this to them then the following day we received a call from justfly supervisor saying that their representative made a mistake of cancelling our whole family’s ticket . But our refund won’t be coming till 6-8 weeks so all they can do is get us new tickets that is $1000 more than our original tickets and we need to buy them because our tickets are not refunded yet. I was so up set, telling them that they need to resolve this because this was not authorized by us and the fault was in their end.
To make this long story short, my husband followed up and they kept on saying that they will escalate it but Asiana won’t work with them about this and it was refunded already. My husband called Asiana. They said they have no record or annotation that justfly reaches out regarding this matter. They did not even ask them to send all those documents and that all they need was a death certificate. I am so upset that people can be this bad. We are grieving and now we have more problems and issues because we don’t have our tickets , no refund and worse we don’t know how to get into justfly administration to resolve this issue. Our booking number with them was
Justfly booking number. xxx
And Asiana confirmation number was

I hope anybody can help us with this. We don’t know where to go to ask for help. Asiana told my husband that Justfly did not even book with them they used another traveling site called Skyboard travel and they got our money . It was more or less $3800 .
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is a heartbreaking story, I am so sorry. Online booking services are worse than useless. Since you're flying over the holidays, there's not a whole lot of time to deal with this via email ... but obviously the telephone contact is not working. These vultures will delay and delay returning your money. And now you find out there's another online service involved? I would compose a concise listing of the events, in chronological order, and contact the customer service departments of all three entities. If no response, escalate to the executives using our Company Contacts. I hope you can get this straightened out very soon.