JustFly bait and switch

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Jul 26, 2017
Routed by Kayak.com to JustFly.com for economy tickets Boston/HongKong/SiemReap with return HoChiMinh City/HongKong/Boston on Cathay Pacific. Paid and chose seats for outbound flights to Siem Reap but was unable to book return seats until 48 hours prior to departure. Upon checking with Cathay Pacific discovered that JustFly had booked us on Standard Economy on the outbound flights (we could choose seats) but on the cheaper priced Core Economy on the return flights (no seat choices until 48 hours before flight.) It was advertised as "economy" with no level mentioned. IM'd the company and was told we'd hear back within 72 hours. After a week we called JustFly customer service. Shuttled from one agent to another. On hold for over an hour. Told that the agent assigned to our case had left the building. We were told we should have known about the cheaper economy because the price was low. We feel we should have been notified BEFORE we paid what level of economy we would be ticketed for. We should NOT have to pay extra to receive what was advertised as economy not the level below it.
We'd also like to warn other travelers to avoid sites like JustFly. Customer service is abominable if there is a problem. Book directly with the airline and avoid these questionable practices.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We already have plenty of warnings here about Just Fly. And we can't even get to them. There was a big story on this yesterday on the blog:


The BBB has actually warned people not to use JustFLy. I don't know why Kayak even pushes bookings to them.

I think you are going to be stuck with what you have because you most likely will never be able to get through to Just Fly's customer service.

If they simply stated economy, then they gave you what you booked - economy. It doesn't matter which type of economy - you got economy. Whenever you book online you usually get the lowest economy fare.

In the future - use Kayak as a guide but go directly to the airline and stop using third party sites, especially Just Fly. When the BBB warns people away from a company, it HAS to be bad news.